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What legal advice would you give to a client who won the lottery?


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This week, it was reported that a Pennsylvania district judge—on senior status—who won a $291 million Powerball jackpot still plans to hear cases.

“You got to do something in life,” James Stocklas told “I won’t work as often, but if the court is in a jam, if they need somebody, I’ll fill in. It’s in my blood.”

A lottery win can make you set for life—but can certainly complicate your life, especially if you’re in a lottery pool. So this week, we’d like to ask you: What legal advice would you give to a client who won the lottery? And what would you do yourself if you won a large jackpot?

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Posted by Lily: “Once an enormous cockroach fell from the ceiling in the middle of a hearing. The judge, obviously sick of the terrible state of the courtrooms, got down off the bench, went back into the gallery, and stomped on it. The best part was that the judge dramatically narrated the whole thing, referring to how he fought a ‘great battle’ and won. He hadn’t gone off the record, so the narration appears in the transcript. He was hoping the appellate judges would eventually read it.”

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