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Lucky No. 7? What to Consider Before Moving to Windows OS

Release of a new version of windows is always big news, and the arrival of Windows 7 on the heels of the perceived failure of Windows Vista makes it especially noteworthy. It’s a good sign that comments from the large and lengthy beta test period and the early reviews have been quite positive for Windows 7. Reviewers say the new operating system is what Vista should have been, that it fixes the issues in Vista—even that it is the most “Mac-like” version, which sounds like faint praise.

In this article, we will take a look at ways to consider what, if anything, you might need to do in connection with the launch of Windows 7 and how you might make the move. I will offer a few observations about the operating system, but I encourage you to look elsewhere if you want a detailed review of Windows 7.


I have sometimes referred to Vista as the version of Windows that the legal profession skipped. Law firms largely standardized on the XP platform and did not move off of it when Vista arrived. Given Vista’s emphasis on security improvements, the reluctance to move might seem surprising. There are many reasons for low adoption rates of Vista. Apple’s very successful “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” advertising campaign no doubt played a role, as did negative reviews and a couple of key issues:

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