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What was the most unusual (but true!) excuse you have had for being late to court or the office?


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Reader Judy Shields tells us she was late to court last week. Why?

“Because our cat brought a live flying squirrel into my closet,” she writes. “While I was able to get clothes from the rest of the house, my shoes were all in the closet, and I figured shoes are mandatory in a courtroom. I had to wait while my husband and son captured the very alive and agile critter which was safely released.”

So this week, we’d like to ask you: What was the most unusual (but true) excuse you have had for being late to court or the office? Or, alternatively the most unusual reason you have had to hastily depart?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Canadian Common Sense: “The written policy does not matter; what is the actual culture of the workplace? I am very happy in my nonprofit environment: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Period. I accept that work-life balance includes work-remuneration balance. But I have had colleagues who toiled at firms where they knew that they needed to be in the office on Saturday mornings. (They could be writing Christmas cards, but what mattered was that the partners saw them in the office). I recall one large firm where the (unstated) policy about maternity leave was clear: ‘If you really want maternity, then it is time for you to leave!’ Pick the employer whose policy coincides with who you are.”

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