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What Was Your Favorite Make-Life-Easier Tech Find in 2009?

There’s no shortage of time-saving technologies in the marketplace. In October, we wrote about 70 Sizzling Apps for smartphones.

And this month, West announced the release of its new iPhone app, CLE Mobile, to make CLE on the go more readily available.

This made us wonder what technologies you’ve discovered in 2009 that help you in your practice or day-to-day activities.

So share with the rest of us: What was your favorite tech find this year that helped make work/life even a little better?

Answer in the comments below.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Roberto: “I agree in that Westlaw and Lexis are more useful than Google for researching on secondary sources, and that Google could be enough for fast searches, when you only need to research on very basic legal issues. However, there are cases that need a deeper approach, specially when dealing with novel issues or when the case needs for more creative strategies or persuasive arguments. In those cases, there may not be a better approach than to go the old-fashioned way and do the research manually in a legal library. For example, when I was doing my LLM thesis paper, not even the additional sources available on Westlaw and Lexis were helpful enough. Not even the Sheppard’s available on Westlaw and Lexis were as accurate as the ones in the library.”

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