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What Was Your First Computer?


This week, the 25th annual ABA Techshow took place in Chicago. In an effort to party like it was 1986, a technology museum of sorts was set up for the occasion. The artifacts, which were on display during the silver jubilee reception on the first night of the conference, included old PCs and bag phones from the last 25 years, Techshow chair Paul J. Unger told the ABA Journal.

ABA Journal assistant managing editor Reg Davis brought in a Kaypro (pictured) from the early 1980s—which he says his brother used to use in his law practice—for the reception.

So this week, we’d like to ask you? What was your first computer?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answers:

Posted by San Diego Lawyer: “I agree with some of the lawyers who have commented that phone calls are much more effective. People tend to be a lot more bold and take hard line and unreasonable positions when writing an email. Those same people tend to be much more reasonable when talking with you on the phone.”

Posted by Liz: “Always, always email or text over phone calls. Phones are demanding. When you make a call, you’re saying: ‘Drop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to me right now.’ That’s fine for personal relationships, where the interruption is welcome, but in a business setting, it just disrupts the other person’s day for your own convenience. Also, phones are too slow. You have to say everything back to each other, and there’s no record of your conversation, which leads to miscommunication and inefficiency. Washington Post columnist Miss Manners has always said phones are a modern horror, and it’s funny to see people hanging on to them now that they’re basically obsolete.”

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