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What's One Smartphone App You Can't Do Without?

Not surprisingly, the buzz around the iPhone is prompting even die-hard BlackBerry devotees to make the switch. iPhone use is up for lawyers, according to the 2009 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report.

As more consumers use smartphones of all stripes, more applications become available.

This made us wonder …

What’s the one smartphone app you rely on daily? And, if you could create an app to allow you to do one thing on your phone, what would it do?

Answer in the comments below.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Paul Begemann: “I have for specific services, such as real estate closings. I link to my website, and the ads do result in hits and calls and closings. The price is great (0), and I have found that the ads rank pretty high for relevant search terms on Google. I am considering automating my ad placement if I can figure out an easy way to do it that is reliable.”

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