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What's the Best Lawyer Vanity License Plate You've Seen?


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Deadspin noticed a vanity plate—JLA ESQ—on the SUV of Joe Amendola, who recently represented former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky at his trial on sex abuse charges. (The website also noticed an expired vehicle registration sticker.) Earlier, the ABA asked readers on Facebook about lawyers’ license plates.

As you hit the roads this summer, we’re curious if you’re seeing any creative law-related license plates. So tell us …

What’s the best lawyer vanity license plate you’ve seen? If you have an image of the plate you speak of, email it to us.

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by RT: “In some ways the pedigree, or lack thereof, of my law school has made certain career options more difficult to pursue, and some options were not going to be available, such as large firm practice. I recall having several discussions with various attorneys who acknowledged that the rank of my JD school was something I would have to overcome despite graduating in the top 10 percent of the class and having experience. I have been in private practice as well as federal government positions over my 25-year career and found that even when changing jobs within the same organization the hiring officials were impressed by candidates with less relevant experience but who held a JD from a tier 1 school.”

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