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Which students should go to law school? And which should not?


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This week, George Mason University law professor Michael Krauss laid out plainly which students he thinks belong in law school—and which do not.

Students interested in “pursuing justice,” in helping those who can’t afford legal help, and “in soberly attempting to understand and solve the incredibly difficult, and incredibly interesting, intellectual problems that underlie so many of today’s legal disputes” are sorely needed, Krauss wrote.

And those in law school because they didn’t know what else to do after finishing undergrad and only really have a goal of making a lot of money “chose the wrong generation to go to law school,” Krauss wrote.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Who are the students that the legal profession needs, and can succeed with a law degree? And who should get the idea out of their heads as soon as possible?

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Posted by KP:Upstairs Downstairs—the Downton Abbey of BigLaw with parallel story lines of support staff and attorneys in a typical large law firm.”

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