Supreme Court Nominations

Who Will Replace Souter? Today's News: Appoint a Woman; Souter's Farewell

Associated Press: “Conservative Sessions Leads Court Nomination Fight”

Caucus (New York Times): “For Justice Pick, Sessions Less Likely to Use Filibuster” “2005 Sotomayor Speech May Raise Conservative Eyebrows”

Boston Globe: “High court pick should be a woman”

USA Today: “Ginsburg: Court needs another woman”

Associated Press: “Souter bids fond, emotional farewell to his judges”

Blog of Legal Times: “Justice O’Connor’s Salute to Souter”

Legal Intelligencer: “Amid Some Tears, Souter Bids Adieu to 3rd Circuit” “Some Potential High Court Nominees Have Extensive Stock Holdings”

Washington Post: “Lots of Court Speculation, but No Pick Yet”

Washington Post: “Behind Justice’s Blindfold”

Updated at 7:40 p.m. to add link to additional Washington Post article.

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