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Would-Be Law Student Sets Up Paypal Account, Asks for Tuition Donations

Would-be law student Sarah Allen believes in a debt-free life, but it’s hard to square that vision with her desire to attend law school at the University of North Carolina, where the three-year education will cost about $105,000.

So Allen has set up a PayPal account and is appealing to the public to make donations there to help pay her tuition, McClatchy Newspapers reports. So far, three people have donated, she wrote Monday on her blog, Going to Law School Debt Free.

She is also participating in a Tuition Tales contest on UPromise, where the top two vote-getters win $10,000 each.

Allen graduated from UNC in 2003 and is working as a self-employed German-to-English translator. She pledges that, if she earns more than enough to finance her education, she will use the extra money to help other students. She also says she will remember how she was able to get her law degree.

“If I do become an attorney, I will have in mind that other people got me to where I am,” she told McClatchy. “I won’t be in a position where I have to take any job to pay my bills. I will have more flexibility to take cases I’m passionate about because I’m not tied to that burden.”

She would like to use her German skills in a legal career, possibly doing immigration work or serving German clients. She also hopes to serve middle-class clients who can’t afford to pay high legal rates. Having zero loan debt will make that possible, she writes at her blog.

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