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Law Practice Management

Law firms can spend a lot, or very little, and improve their cybersecurity, experts say

Court Security

New courthouse audio at security checkpoint caught attorneys by surprise

White-Collar Crime

Indicted lawyer accused of stealing $6M from clients

Law in Popular Culture

Sony softened ‘Concussion’ storyline to avoid issues with NFL, hacked emails show

Question of the Week

What are you doing when you get your best ideas?

Law Firms

Brownstein Hyatt acquires IP litigation boutique

Science & Technology Law

How will driverless vehicles resolve right-of-way issues? The answer isn’t clear

Family Law

Served with process Tuesday, man shows up at court Wednesday with revving chainsaw, police say

Legal Ethics

Law firms in Florida can send text-message ads to prospective clients, state bar says


Lawyer convicted in wife-murder said to inspire ‘Fargo’ movie plot dies at home at 88

Constitutional Law

Judge rules for group with moral, rather than religious, objections to contraceptive mandate

Constitutional Law

Parents don’t have right to public-school choice, 8th Circuit rules

Criminal Justice

California agrees to limit solitary confinement to settle Pelican Bay lawsuit


Conviction is overturned because juror expressed alarm about black men in her neighborhood

Law in Popular Culture

Did Harper Lee write a third book? Expert says manuscript is early version of ‘Mockingbird’

Legal Technology

Former FBI lawyer says his home computer was accessed by hacker from China


Lawyers ‘lean to the left,’ study says; which schools, firms and practice areas are most liberal?

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer gets 4 months for stealing from law firm, is ordered to pay $160K

Intellectual Property Law

News anchor sues Hasbro over hamster toy, calls look-alike rodent with same name ‘demeaning’

Law Firms

Milwaukee firm adds Chicago litigation boutique, anticipates more growth