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Personal Lives

Toddler who died in hot car was son of juvenile court judge


Ann Rule, leading true-crime author who befriended then-unknown serial killer Ted Bundy, dies at 83

Bar Exam

California bar exam to last two-thirds as long, but could be just as difficult

Legal Technology

Avvo raises another $71.5M to fund continued expansion

Criminal Justice

Ferguson cops must face excessive force suit; plaintiff was charged for bleeding on their uniforms


Guantanamo lawyer’s concerns about cancer cluster are being investigated

Criminal Justice

Two lawyers face charges for allegedly relying on illegal recordings in court cases

Civil Rights

Boy Scouts ends ban on gay troop leaders, but allows religion-based exceptions

Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon: This lawyer is taking a trip back in time, way back

Women in the Law

50 best law firms for women are named

Health Law

Sale of fetal tissue is legal, but prices for processing are a ‘gray and musty area’

Criminal Justice

Why the Louisiana movie theater gunman was able to buy a gun

Criminal Justice

New Jersey judge bans woman from entering any Wal-Mart store in the country

Legal Ethics

Suspension recommended for lawyer accused of indecent exposure, improper touching

Trials & Litigation

Man on probation in $2M Lego-focused theft faces new case after vacation near shopping centers

Legal Technology

Law firms can block hackers with ‘known good’ use of digital documents, expert says

Entertainment & Sports Law

Top sports court nixes IAAF testosterone-based ban on some female athletes


Former lawyer who served time in hit-and-run case now runs resource center for ex-prisoners

Asked and Answered

How to conquer anxiety and break the ice during professional events (podcast)


Do payment guidelines for human egg donors violate antitrust law? Class action moves toward trial