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Legal Ethics

Judge who challenged public defender to fistfight is suspended without pay


Lawyer killed goat, drank its blood, and is running for US Senate to party chair’s chagrin

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court says lawyers can’t hire line-standers to get them into hearings

Oil Spill

BP agrees to $20 billion settlement with DOJ and 5 states for Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Sentencing/Post Conviction

About 6,000 federal inmates will get early release at month’s end; will crime go up?

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court declines appeal citing juror’s racial slur in post-conviction affidavit

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court considers woman’s right to sue in US for accident on Austrian national railroad

Privacy Law

EU court strikes down agreement for digital transfers of personal data to US

Law Firms

Judge tosses ADA suit against BigLaw firms, cites plaintiff’s ‘outright speculation’

Legal Ethics

High-profile lawyer who acted as ‘paymaster’ for client gives up his law license

Criminal Justice

Rule that forgives the dead allows convicted lawyer’s family to claw back forfeited cash, judge says

Internet Law

Are fantasy sports payouts legal? CEO says it’s a game of skill like the stock market

Criminal Justice

Firm’s pre-indictment representation of co-defendants didn’t violate right to counsel, judge rules

Health Law

California becomes 5th state to legalize assisted suicide

Legal Technology

Lawyers slow to adopt email encryption and other forms of secure communications, ABA survey finds

Civil Rights

Alabama judges turn to Jim Crow-era law to combat same-sex marriages

Executive Branch

Hillary Clinton’s gun control plan includes both legislation and executive actions

Trials & Litigation

Gotta catch ‘em all: Pokemon lawyers hit cafe manager with $5,400 bill for copyright infringement

Entertainment & Sports Law

Judge tosses defamation suit by Yankees fan caught napping on camera

Law Firms

Dentons opens office in Milan