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Constitutional Law

ABA urges 11th Circuit to reconsider ban on gun-safety counseling by physicians

Law Firms

Partners to dissolve litigation boutique after 35-year run instead of signing new lease

Criminal Justice

Alleged ‘office creeper’ charged in law firm burglary and other thefts

Solos/Small Firms

Georgia state bar to launch lawyer incubator program

Legal Ethics

Referee: Disbar all 3 lawyers who ‘maliciously’ set up opposing trial counsel for DUI arrest

U.S. Supreme Court

Which SCOTUS justices crib the most from briefs?

Securities Law

Former Dole general counsel and CEO found liable for $148M for undervalued buyout


Appeals court chides judge who asked if domestic violence victim and defendant ‘get it on’

Criminal Justice

Rape laws differ on force requirement for prosecution; how should model law be changed?


Former TV judge goes to jail: Contempt term went from 1 day to 5 days as Joe Brown kept talking

Consumer Law

StarKist settlement offers a bonanza for tuna lovers: $25 refund or $50 in tuna

Court Security

Defendant overpowers bailiff, fatally shoots himself with bailiff’s gun in courthouse elevator

Law Practice Management

Paul Hastings to put junior lawyers in cubicles in NYC office, but they will at least have windows

Criminal Justice

Texas attorney general’s lawyer is withdrawing from his defense, citing unspecified ‘issues’

Constitutional Law

Can cop have 0INK as his vanity plate? Top state court mulls First Amendment case

U.S. Supreme Court

Should stock traders watch Supreme Court decisions? Research shows $140 billion benefit

Government Law

6th Circuit nixes stay for clerk appealing federal court order requiring her to perform marriages

White-Collar Crime

Prosecution says improper Dewey adjustments boosted revenue by 10 percent, assets by 1,000 percent

Attorney General

Porn emails cited by Pennsylvania AG are unsealed; she says senders ‘manufactured’ case against her

Trials & Litigation

Judge orders mom to repay son for keeping $5K bar mitzvah gift from grandma