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Happy Holidays!

Law Schools

Cooley law school seeks to sell a building in downtown Lansing

Human Rights at Home Blog

Business of Law

Wiley Rein acquires lobbying firm

Law Professors

Sensitivity is the real issue in teaching of rape law, law prof says

Privacy Law

New laws are needed to protect people from webcam spying, report says

Civil Rights

Chicago school principal targeted pregnant teachers for firing, Justice Department suit alleges

Attorney Fees

Vaccine court is profitable for some lawyers, who get paid win or lose


How many JDs are in Congress?

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is reprimanded for lying about appeal; client repeated assertion in TV interview

Legal Ethics

Now-retired justice’s pornographic emails were only impropriety found in special counsel’s report

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is beaten unconscious in New Orleans; neither his Rolex nor his cash was taken

Law Firms

Suit claims client fired law firm because of bias against Arab American partner

A Message from Clio

How Do Successful Lawyers Spend Their Year-End?

Attorney Fees

‘A flourishing industry’ pairs plaintiffs lawyers with state AGs in contingency suits

Law Schools

Law school faculty numbers shrink 11 percent since 2010; which schools shed the most full-timers?

Criminal Justice

Parents of man charged with slaying 12 at Batman movie premiere plead for life-sentence plea bargain

Court Security

Sheriff: Murderer’s claimed contact with 2 jurors in court elevator didn’t happen exactly as he says

Government Law

In wake of class action filing, Philadelphia DA drops effort to forfeit some homes

Legal Ethics

Top state court temporarily suspends municipal judge without pay, orders her not to practice law

Constitutional Law

Gun ban for committed people violated Second Amendment rights of Michigan man, 6th Circuit rules


Graffiti suspect may have tagged from Seattle to Southern California, police say

Trials & Litigation

Judge who flashed badge at police officer claims selective DUI prosecution, but jury convicts her

Criminal Justice

Lawyers face public intimidation charges for reaction after police kick in their door

Criminal Justice

Woman who stopped car to help ducks gets jail time for causing fatal accident

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Legal Informatics Blog

Final call for papers: ICAIL 2015: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law

Legal Informatics Blog

Sheridan: Using Data to Understand How the Statute Book Works

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

DUI Legal Fees (or, "How Much do you Charge?)

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Third Offense Drunk Driving Cases in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland Counties (Reprise)

Trademarkwise Blog


Law at the End of the Day

From the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Developing Indicators for Freedoms of Peaceful Assembly and Association

Deeplinks Blog

International Copyright Law: 2014 in Review

Deeplinks Blog

Big Patent Reform Wins in Court, Defeat (For Now) in Congress: 2014 in Review


The End of It

Strange Justice

Strange Justice Blog Post

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

AG signs off on Bruno legal reimbursement: $2.4 million – Albany Times Union

China Law Blog

A China Court Christmas Present

Litigation Postscript

Top Products Liability Posts


Employee or Independent Contractor?


The True Christmas

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

Western sanctions against Russia breach international law, says Lavrov – Russia Beyond the Headlines

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

Studies: Legal pot can make communities healthier and safer – The Week Magazine

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

Western sanctions against Russia breach international law – Lavrov – Kyiv Post

India Briefing

Registering your Indian Employment Visa


Boyfriends, Proposals and Moot Court Judges: Sexual Harassment and Moot Court Selections

Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog

Comparative Legal Principles for the Formation of a Group of Persons in the Russian Competition Legislation

International Law Reporter

Murphy: The Expulsion of Aliens (Revisited) and Other Topics: The Sixty-Sixth Session of the International Law Commission

Impunity Watch

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Nominates a Controversial Candidate

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

Shelters cite legal pot as part of Denver’s rise in homeless –

Legal Planet : Legal News Information from around the planet

Will China Accept International Law in the South China Sea? – The Establishment Post