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News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Michael Avenatti is accused of bail violations; Virginia is 38th state to ratify ERA

Constitutional Law

It’s too late to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, DOJ says in legal opinion

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Son of spies ruled a Canadian citizen; lawyer avoids discipline over raccoon video

Civil Rights

Gender equality is ‘irrevocable tenet of our society,’ ABA president says

Report from Governmental Affairs

Equal Rights Amendment will get a hearing before House Judiciary Committee next week

Constitutional Law

ABA president urges Virginia lawmakers to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

Constitutional Law

Is it too late to pass the Equal Rights Amendment? Illinois is the 37th state to ratify it

Legislation & Lobbying

Nevada ratifies Equal Rights Amendment decades after deadline

U.S. Supreme Court

What is Justice Ginsburg’s message to young feminists?

Constitutional Law

How Scalia and Ginsburg would amend the Constitution

Religious Law

‘Under God’ in Pledge violates Massachusetts Constitution, lawyer argues in state’s top court

Constitutional Law

Weight Loss Isn’t the Aim of Gloria Allred’s 30-Day Fast


A Man of Moderation

U.S. Supreme Court

Man of Moderation: Last Justice of ‘Greatest Generation,’ Says Farewell

Law Schools

Phyllis Schlafly Hon. Degree Sparks Wash U Spat, Law Prof Protest

Constitutional Law

New Name, Less Chance for ERA


March 22, 1972


The Rites Wrangle

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Your ERISA Watch

Your ERISA Watch – Court Holds MetLife Erred in Applying Pre-existing Condition Limitation to Long-Term Disability Claim Following Workplace Injury

Dorf on Law

Does ERA Ratification Trigger the Expressio Unius Canon?


The Equal Rights Amendment and Article V

Blog of Rights

“Fight of the Century” Looks at 100 Years of Landmark ACLU Cases

Legally Speaking Ohio

Oral Argument Preview: Should Prior Acquittal Evidence be Admissible in Subsequent Criminal Trials? State of Ohio v. Michael Smith

Dorf on Law

Does it Matter Whether the ERA is Part of the Constitution?

Dorf on Law

Constitutional Change

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

Erasing History

The Family Law News Blog

Pending 2020 Virginia Legislation on Families and Children

Lawfare: Hard National Security Choices

India’s New Citizenship Law and its Anti-Secular Implications

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Website Denied Section 230 for No Good Reason, Wins the Case Anyways–DF Pace v. Baker-White

Employment Law Worldview

Spoiler Alert! It’s Going to Be a Roaring 2020 With Many Impactful Laws On The Horizon (US)

The Crime Report

St. Louis Prosecutor Sues, Charging Racist Conspiracy


Immunity Just Barely Denied To Cop Who Claimed Driving A Beat-Up Car And Paying For Purchases Is Suspicious Behavior

Dorf on Law

Supreme Overreaching: The Justices Should Return Gun Control, Affirmative Action, and Abortion to the States

California Land Use & Development Law Report

City’s General Plan Policies Allowing Exemptions from Zoning Requirements Did Not Violate Fourteenth Amendment or Result in Spot Zoning

Politics, Law, & You

Senator Warren’s Bankruptcy Plan Detailed

Blog of Rights

Iranian Americans Have Rights, Too — No Matter What’s Happening Abroad

Global Workplace Insider

Upcoming Employment Law Changes in 2020


Devin Nunes Libel Tourism Continues To Highlight The Problems Of Virginia's Weak Anti-SLAPP Laws

California Employment Law Report

New California Employment Laws AB 5 and AB 51 Face Serious Legal Challenges

Legal Theory Blog

McClellan on Early Women's Rights Activists and the Meaning of the 14th Amendment

Hedge Fund Law Blog

Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP 2019 End of Year Update

The 1709 Blog


Law at the End of the Day

Ruminations 89(2) (Cults and Their Objects): Looking Back on 2019 in Epigrams and Aphorisms

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Assistant public defender: ‘I just personally like to give back’
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