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Your Voice

Why you should insist on diversity in your law practice

Law Firms

Confidence in the economy is dropping among law firm leaders, new survey finds


Sen. Kamala Harris calls for halt to advancement of judicial nominees; is it happening?


New survey finds No. 1 reason why partners leave their firms—and it’s not the most-obvious one

The Modern Law Library

How to kick off 2020 with more productive business meetings


BigLaw firm defends its commitment to diversity after Al Sharpton’s criticism

Practice Management

‘Fundamental shift’ is transforming the delivery of legal services, new report concludes

Asked and Answered

The financial costs for firms when women and minority lawyers leave

Year in Review

Meet 11 ABA members who inspired us in 2019

Year in Review: Report from Governmental Affairs

14 success stories for ABA advocacy during the 116th Congress

Year in Review

Top 5 Your Voice columns of 2019

Law Firms

Suit claims BigLaw firm took over corporate client’s finances and took advantage of its impaired CEO


About a quarter of money spent on recent state supreme court races came from outside groups, report says

ABA Abroad

The case for the International Criminal Court: Why it deserves our support

Your Voice

The role of counsel in preserving and protecting a closely held business

A Message From Clio

5 Reasons Why Legal Technology Helps You Better Serve Clients and Drive Firm Success

Your Voice

The legal profession doesn’t have a leadership problem—it has a character problem

Character Witness

A prosecutors’ leadership retreat in Berlin offers a stark reminder to remain vigilant


The ethics argument for promoting equality in the profession

Members Who Inspire

Holocaust survivor has dedicated his career to serving others


A Q&A with ABA President Judy Perry Martinez

Your Voice

When it comes to unconscious bias, are judges at risk?


ABA committee gives ‘not qualified’ rating to 9th Circuit nominee said to have ‘entitlement temperament’

Your Voice

Super Law: How ethical obligations can shape business and your practice

Your Voice

The secret to successful lawyer leadership

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The Privacy Adviser

Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, Jan. 24, 2020

FOIA Advisor

Court opinions issued Jan. 24, 2020

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Kansas VA Seeks To Fire Urologist Accused Of Harming Patients While In Private Practice

The D & O Diary

Assessing Securities Class Action Risk with Event Analysis

The Privacy Adviser

Notes from the IAPP Europe, 24 Jan. 2020

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

Memphis Workers on the March

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

The Cartels and the Forests

Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek Advocacy Blog

Lifelong support: As autism diagnoses rise, so does the growing need for research, programs focused on adults The Badger Herald

Robert Ambrogi's LawSites

Legal PR Firm Launches NewLaw Practice Led By Two Industry Veterans

Lawfare: Hard National Security Choices

Key Global Takeaways From Indias Revised Personal Data Protection Bill

ALL: A Lawyer’s Life

Or glue traps rather close passing Chris Archer Authentic Jersey

ALL: A Lawyer’s Life

Icon tickets iconAdd to calendar a matter NCAA Jake Gardiner Jersey

Texas Bar Today

Cross-Selling: A Plan That Just May Work

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 619

Legal Cheek

High Court slams top family judge for not knowing what consent is

Grits for Breakfast

Untapped evangelical support for improved prison conditions

Texas Bar Blog

Kenda Culpepper takes office as president of TDCAA

Workplace Class Action Blog

5 Key Trends For Workplace Class Action Litigation For 2019: Trend #3 Governmental Enforcement Litigation Trends In 2019

Complex Discovery

An Exhilarating Inversion? Eighteen Observations on eDiscovery Business Confidence in the Winter of 2020

Workers’ Compensation

NJ Governor Murphy Signs Sweeping Legislative Package to Combat Worker Misclassification and Exploitation

Just Security

Compilation of States’ Reactions to U.S. and Iranian Uses of Force in Iraq in January 2020

The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog

Towards a Common Language for Sustainable Investing

The Crime Report

Do Targeted Killings Really Make Us Safer?

Corporate Compliance Insights

What’s Ahead for Enterprise Risk Management In 2020

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 618

Web First
Some lawyers worry about proposed DOE rule that would remove restrictions on religious institutions
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Judge apologizes for 'deplorable' letters he wrote to college newspaper about gay people and AIDS
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Why you should insist on diversity in your law practice
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The court of public opinion: Why litigation PR is a critical component of a case
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