Ray Gallo's Leverage app automates a lot of the administrative work involved in mass actions

Ray Gallo was getting clients he didn’t even know he had.

In late 2008, Gallo’s San Rafael, California, law firm was spearheading Amador v. California Culinary Academy, a putative class…

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Law & Religion UK

Law & Religion UK

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Posts explore the interaction between law and religion in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, touching on related human rights issues.

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Poll: Should a law professor be able to ban laptops from the classroom?

Law students are headed back to the classroom. Should they be free to take their technology wherever they go?

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Linda Fairstein chats about her Alex Cooper series—and reveals an exciting new project (podcast)

In the hands of author Linda Fairstein, fictional sex-crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper has enjoyed a career spanning 17 books and almost two decades. Cooper’s 16th adventure, Terminal City, was selected as one of the three finalists for the 2015 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction.

Fairstein spoke with the…

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