3rd Circuit Court

Trials & Litigation

Federal cyberstalking trial blames courthouse shooter’s widow, son and daughter for slaying of woman

White-Collar Cime

Closing attorney gets 12 months for his role in mortgage-fraud scheme

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sues owner of racehorse American Pharoah for $10M, says response to client’s suit defamed him

Copyright Law

Led Zeppelin denies most allegations in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ suit, but admits ‘exceptional talent’

Trials & Litigation

Law firm asks 3rd Circuit to block court-ordered interviews of over 30 clients

Trials & Litigation

Injured Amtrak worker is among the first to file suit over Philadelphia train wreck

Disability Law

Project attorney’s ADA suit says Pepper Hamilton didn’t accommodate his sleep disorder

Trials & Litigation

Criminal record expunged? That doesn’t mean it’s not available on private sector databases

Constitutional Law

Ex-aide takes plea, 2 more allies of NJ gov face charges in ‘Bridgegate’ traffic-jam case

Criminal Justice

Jury convicts rabbi, acquits son in kidnapping-conspiracy case related to religious divorces

Civil Procedure

3rd Circuit says feds missed forfeiture deadline, awards gold coins worth $80M to dealer’s heirs

Criminal Justice

US offers $3M bounty for alleged Russian hacker, a record reward for a cybersecurity case

Civil Rights

Ex-clerk sues judge, says his own mental health was questioned when he refused to be bullied

White-Collar Crime

Former state treasurer pleads guilty, admits trying to shake down law firm

Religious Law

3rd Circuit rules against religious employers who object to contraceptive-coverage opt-out procedure

Corporate Law

Still battling code-theft case, former Goldman Sachs programmer sues bank for legal fees


Exec asked general counsel to pull up shirt but didn’t spot FBI body cam, news report says

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer guilty in cemetery theft; state AG says he stole $1.8M to refund $1M in client escrow money


3rd Circuit ruling upholds a lawyer’s right to post glowing judicial comments about his work


Many courts close early Monday, plan to stay shuttered Tuesday as predicted monster snowstorm looms