6th Circuit Court

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge orders arrest of New Jersey lawyer for not complying with Ohio appearance demands

Consumer Law

Coffeemaker win lacks perk for lawyer who asked for $180K in fees but got $6,800


Defendant alleges he used drugs with federal judge’s relatives; 6th Circuit tosses judge from case

Copyright Law

SCOTUS takes cheerleader uniform case that would also affect ‘cosplayers’ at comic conventions

American Bar Association

ABA urges 6th Circuit to forbid private probation company’s jail-or-pay scheme

Education Law

Bullied student’s suit against school fails for lack of ‘deliberate indifference,’ 6th Circuit says

Privacy Law

FBI’s use of cell-site data didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment, 6th Circuit says

Government Law

6th Circuit tells IRS lawyers it expects them to do better, orders disclosure of ‘lookout’ lists

Privacy Law

10 weeks of video evidence from utility-pole camera didn’t require warrant, 6th Circuit says

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS tells appeals court deferential standards of review ‘apply with equal force’ in capital cases

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court refuses appeal in anti-gay defamation case

Environmental Law

EPA temporarily blocked from enforcing Clean Water Rule by 6th Circuit panel


Judge’s campaign committee loses 6th Circuit appeal in challenge to fundraising restrictions

Family Law

Kim Davis says she will not issue marriage licenses, but that deputies may issue ‘unauthorized’ ones

Government Law

6th Circuit nixes stay for clerk appealing federal court order requiring her to perform marriages

Appellate Practice

6th Circuit criticizes lawyer’s ‘outlandish’ comparisons, tosses challenge to lawn mowing fine

Civil Rights

93-year-old judge grows weary of 44-year-old housing bias case

Privacy Law

Cellphone user had no expectation of privacy in pocket-dialed call, 6th Circuit rules

Criminal Justice

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust


6th Circuit criticizes federal judge who told lawyer to shut up, improvised jury instruction