6th Circuit Court

Trials & Litigation

Federal suit over coffee machine bought at Starbucks settles for $250, but lawyer could get $175K

The Modern Law Library

How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

White-Collar Crime

Ex-lawyer gets 20 years for charges including $4M client theft in case linked to fen-phen settlement

Trials & Litigation

Jones Day bill for Detroit bankruptcy has topped $26M

White-Collar Crime

Ex-partner gets 64 months in $2.7M client theft case

Religious Law

6th Circuit reverses hate-crime convictions of Amish in beard- and hair-cutting attacks

Lawyer Pay

Foley partner who claimed bias because of lesser pay loses in 6th Circuit

U.S. Supreme Court

Gay-marriage opponents cite SCOTUS summary dismissal in 1972; is it still good law?

Constitutional Law

6th Circuit mulls gay-marriage recognition in ‘unprecedented and marathon hearing’

Constitutional Law

Forcing kids to do household chores with beatings isn’t a federal crime, 6th Circuit rules


6th Circuit says man can’t sue judge who had affair with his wife during child-support case

Criminal Justice

Feds catch up with 3rd man who jumped bond just before guilty verdict in major Detroit drug trial

Media & Communications Law

6th Circuit reverses $338K libel verdict for ex-Bengals cheerleader against website

Trials & Litigation

2 defendants who skipped guilty verdict in federal drug case found with $760K; 3rd remains at large

Health Law

Hospital to pay feds $40.9M for unnecessary heart surgeries; more than 500 patient suits are ongoing

Criminal Justice

Feds still seek 3 men who jumped bond before guilty verdict in drug case, offer $5K reward per man

Court Security

Feds seek 3 men who went AWOL just before guilty verdict in major drug case

Bankruptcy Law

In wake of $16.6M bill, judge asks Jones Day to explain disclosure of confidential Detroit docs

Internet Law

Gossip website’s appeal of ex-cheerleader’s defamation verdict watched closely by Internet giants

Labor & Employment Law

Work attendance can mean telecommuting, 6th Circuit says in reasonable accommodation case