7th Circuit Court


This federal appeals court has been waiting more than six years for a judge

Lawyer Pay

Posner says Bluebook is ‘560 pages of rubbish,’ suggests changes to improve jury trials

Supreme Court Nominations

Posner op-ed: SCOTUS is of course politicized; political ideology and religion influence justices

Criminal Justice

7th Circuit blasts US case, cites turn signal seen on police dashcam in reversal of drug conviction

Constitutional Law

Posner opinion upholds lifetime GPS bracelet for sex offender who isn’t ‘just a harmless old guy’


Courts use special masters, mediation to help solve e-discovery issues

Disability Law

Posner advises disability office to clean up its act, says expert testimony was ‘worthless’

Constitutional Law

Posner explains his changing views on gay marriage; should public opinion matter?

Health Law

7th Circuit overturns abortion regulation; Posner says health benefit is ‘nonexistent’

First Amendment

7th Circuit: Sheriff must stop asking credit card companies to cease business with Backpage.com

U.S. Supreme Court

Did Posner opinion calling murder conviction ‘nonsense’ violate precedent? SCOTUS to decide

First Amendment

Are weeds protected by the First Amendment? Posner thinks not


7th Circuit Judge Richard Cudahy dies at 89


Posner dishes on senile federal judges, judicial snark and law prof ‘refugees’ in upcoming book


7th Circuit overturns unique halvsies procedure for judicial elections

Internet Law

Dissenter blasts Posner’s Internet research in inmate’s suit over acid reflux treatment

Law in Popular Culture

Wrong man arrested on ‘troubling’ reality TV show has no civil rights case, 7th Circuit rules

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit says court erred by upholding prison’s refusal to allow inmate and former guard to marry

Appellate Practice

7th Circuit says sorry about forgetting case for 5 years

Criminal Justice

7th Circuit questions the accuracy of Lex the drug-sniffing dog but upholds car search evidence