7th Circuit Court

Trials & Litigation

Imprisoned for plotting to kill federal judge, law grad wants to play the violin in supermax


Off-site video that saved woman from felony charge is now supporting a $150K civil rights settlement

Civil Rights

With ‘eye-popping speed,’ 7th Circuit strikes 2 states’ same-sex marriage bans 9 days after argument

Labor & Employment

7th Circuit upholds Indiana right-to-work law barring mandatory union dues

Government Law

Federal judge says mom sued too late accusing Chicago officials of cover-up in son’s death


Pacer deletes older case files for four appeals courts; compatibility issues cited

Court Security

Losing litigant who threw chair at defendant cop after verdict gets 5 years

Criminal Justice

Man beat murder charge in detective’s death, but feds seek life term in drug case, citing slaying

Disability Law

Posner opinion takes aim at denial of disability benefits; is it a 7th Circuit trend?

Intellectual Property Law

Hacking software in Batman movie doesn’t infringe on real-life product, says 7th Circuit

Internet Law

Website that facilitated sale of gun used in fatal shooting has no tort liability, 7th Circuit says

Bar Exam

Law grads sue over ‘Barmageddon,’ seek refund of software fee and punitive damages

Tort Law

Lead-paint liability without proof of specific maker doesn’t violate due process, 7th Circuit says

Copyright Law

Northwestern sues ex-employee, says author took book she was paid to write on infamous murder case

Religious Law

Secular humanists must be allowed to officiate marriages in Indiana, 7th Circuit says

Criminal Justice

Blagojevich appeal considers political horse-trading and criminality


An interview with Judge Richard A. Posner

Government Law

Federal judge grants rare TRO banning city’s ‘fraudulent’ bond sale; SEC sought the emergency order

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit rules Utah gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional

Trials & Litigation

Woman convicted of filing fake $100B liens against former US attorney and others