7th Circuit Court

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Immigration Law

Mike Pence’s attempt to ban Syrian refugees is based on ‘nightmare speculation,’ Posner opinion says

Criminal Justice

‘Parking while black’ at issue in pending 7th Circuit appeal

Trials & Litigation

Posner opinion blasts class actions that are ‘no better than a racket’

Election Law

7th Circuit blocks judge who would have allowed voting without ID in Wisconsin


7th Circuit judge has ‘penchant for confabulation,’ losing law prof alleges in law review article


7th Circuit orders new sentence after judge’s remarks on urban decay, riots and fatherhood

Religious Law

7th Circuit grants injunction allowing Wiccan prisoner to wear pentacle medallion

Attorney Fees

7th Circuit limits attorney fees in lawsuit against faxing lawyer to percentage of actual claims


7th Circuit: Federal judge wrongly relied on news stories in tossing suit against cops as frivolous

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit: Judge should have appointed lawyer for mentally ill woman who missed appeal deadline

Legal Ethics

Lawyer can appeal sanction order though fine has been paid by her employer, Posner opinion says

Criminal Justice

Lawyer for former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle asks 7th Circuit for reduced sentence


Posner criticizes majority opinion’s legal jargon in his concurrence


This federal appeals court has been waiting more than six years for a judge

Lawyer Pay

Posner says Bluebook is ‘560 pages of rubbish,’ suggests changes to improve jury trials

Supreme Court Nominations

Posner op-ed: SCOTUS is of course politicized; political ideology and religion influence justices

Criminal Justice

7th Circuit blasts US case, cites turn signal seen on police dashcam in reversal of drug conviction

Constitutional Law

Posner opinion upholds lifetime GPS bracelet for sex offender who isn’t ‘just a harmless old guy’


Courts use special masters, mediation to help solve e-discovery issues

Disability Law

Posner advises disability office to clean up its act, says expert testimony was ‘worthless’
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