9th Circuit Court

Copyright Law

Yoga poses are about healing, and not copyrightable, says 9th Circuit

Entertainment & Sports Law

Antitrust law applies to NCAA, but payments to college athletes may be banned, 9th Circuit rules

Trials & Litigation

9th Circuit rejects Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attempt to remove judge in racial profiling case

Copyright Law

Copyright holders must consider fair use before sending takedown notices, 9th Circuit says

Trials & Litigation

Once-convicted lawyer turns tables on feds, seeks $215K for defense fees in $52M mortgage-fraud case

Disability Law

Trial court should not have dismissed law student’s disability complaint, 9th Circuit says

First Amendment

Appeals court rules against anti-Muslim group seeking bus ads with false terrorist-reward claims

Real Estate & Property Law

Mastermind gets 15 years in ‘mind-boggling’ scheme to fleece Vegas HOAs of millions

Trials & Litigation

Unbowed by 9th Circuit contempt order, ex-billionaire’s lawyer says he ‘feels like Gandhi’

Opening Statements

Judge’s movie night brings the court and the public closer together

Animal Law

9th Circuit rejects widow’s suit over fatal mountain goat attack in national park


Informant sues feds, says they didn’t tell him when agent for whom he worked was fired

Criminal Justice

Transgender defendant stole nearly $250K in SSI benefits as a man while earning income as a woman


Want to be a federal judge by 35? 9th Circuit’s Alex Kozinski shares some tips


New DNA techniques entitle inmate to new testing despite deadline, 9th Circuit says

Antitrust Law

Federal magistrate awards nearly $46M in legal fees in NCAA athlete-pay case

Criminal Justice

Feds accuse Harvard law grad in kidnapping that police initially considered a hoax

Entertainment & Sports Law

Season ticket holder sues Major League Baseball, wants netting extended to foul poles

Constitutional Law

Federal judge threatens to hold immigration lawyer in contempt for leaking confidential document

Trials & Litigation

Law firm sues Vegas casino for refund of $3.4M they say partner transferred for gambling