9th Circuit Court

Labor & Employment

Federal suit says Marriott denied new mom lactation breaks because she’s a surrogate

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs city’s ban on holiday displays, says ‘heckler’s veto’ doctrine doesn’t apply


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawyers protest federal judge’s questions during contempt hearing

Constitutional Law

Contempt hearing bombshell: Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits he had federal judge’s wife investigated

Law in Popular Culture

9th Circuit judge opens courthouse doors to public for free movie night

Entertainment & Sports Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes Barry Bonds obstruction conviction

Education Law

Masked gunman in surprise ‘active shooter’ school drill traumatized teacher, federal lawsuit says

Bankruptcy Law

Federal judge jails ex-billionaire for contempt until he explains where $13.8M from resort sale went

U.S. Supreme Court

Gay couple got Colorado marriage license in 1975 but lost deportation case; Kennedy wrote opinion

Trials & Litigation

Playboy suit says law firm tried $6M case instead of seeking settlement within insurance limits

Constitutional Law

Federal judge nixes evidence from FBI agents who shut off hotel Web service, then posed as repairmen

Intellectual Property Law

Clothier settles with Eagles singer over ‘Don a Henley and Take It Easy’ ad

Consumer Law

Bank didn’t tell widow she had mortgage insurance, even as home foreclosed

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer who forged client signatures on secret litigation-funding contracts takes wire-fraud plea

Criminal Justice

Man’s false claims to have placed bombs in federal courthouse get him 6 years

Legislation & Lobbying

Will provision in funding law stop feds from prosecuting marijuana crimes?

Trials & Litigation

US Courts: Federal litigants face record civil-case backlog due to shortage of judges

Trials & Litigation

Suit says ‘zombie cookies’ were used to revive deleted ad-tracking information

Real Estate & Property Law

LA is rewriting law banning living in cars, after 9th Circuit rejected original ordinance

Constitutional Law

Federal judge says California has to pay for inmate’s sex-change surgery