Administrative Law

Family Law

Leaving toddler in car isn’t necessarily child neglect, state supreme court says

Antitrust Law

After NLRB loss, attorney for would-be Northwestern football union points to lawsuit against NCAA

Labor & Employment

NLRB nixes college football players union, declines to hear election petition

First Amendment

Company has free-speech right to make truthful statements about off-label use of drug, judge rules

Animal Law

If US were to prosecute over Cecil the lion’s slaying in Africa, what would legal basis be?

Labor & Employment

As workers’ social media comments clash with employer expectations, the NLRB takes center stage

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended partly for his ‘racist, sexist, homophobic and offensive’ language

Administrative Law

Uber hit with $7.3M fine in California

Legal Ethics

Is popular verein structure jeopardizing big firms? Dentons challenges conflict-of-interest ruling

Labor & Employment

Obama announces new overtime rules in op-ed; 5 million people are expected to benefit

U.S. Supreme Court

EPA must consider cost of toxic air pollution regulations for power plants, says SCOTUS

Environmental Law

Judge temporarily blocks rules for fracking on federal lands

U.S. Supreme Court

Bad news for the EPA: Scalia is likely opinion author in toxic emissions case

Consumer Law

FCC seeks to impose record $100M fine on AT&T for slowdown on ‘unlimited’ data plans

Corporate Law

Uber driver is employee, not independent contractor, California Labor Commission says

Consumer Law

Pennsylvania AG sues firm, saying it misrepresented law in debt collection letters

Insurance Law

9th Circuit: In ERISA case where appeal period ended on a Saturday, filing deadline becomes Monday

Disability Law

Disability lawyer who made $22M cleared by probe, his lawyer says, but SSA axes some client benefits

Aviation & Space Law

No working restroom on your plane? FAA allows it, passengers learn

Cover Story

Meet the lawyers behind high-profile investigations