Advertising Law

Attorney Fees

Posner: ‘Outlandish’ attorney fees in glucosamine settlement were part of a ‘selfish deal’

Internet Law

Suit claims Google’s listings for unlicensed locksmiths harmed licensed business

Consumer Law

Suit smells something amiss with unscented deodorant

First Amendment

Firearms dealers sue California officials over ban on handgun window displays

Advertising Law

Mayonnaise maker’s suit claims Just Mayo isn’t the real thing

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals court blasts attorney for forwarding chief judge’s congratulatory email

Consumer Law

Surgeon sues surgical-gown manufacturer over claims that their product protects against Ebola

Consumer Law

FTC sues AT&T over claims about smartphone data plans, says ‘unlimited means unlimited’

Trials & Litigation

Oxycontin marketing suit is Purdue Pharma’s ‘legal nightmare’

Verdicts & Settlements

Reports of free money from Red Bull settlement lead to website crash


‘Aunt Jemima’ heirs seek $2B in suit claiming a conspiracy to avoid paying royalties

Consumer Law

Lawsuits challenge ‘Made in USA’ label

Internet Law

Website that facilitated sale of gun used in fatal shooting has no tort liability, 7th Circuit says


Judge Judy settles suit over ads with her likeness

Consumer Law

Feds and 15 states sue law firms and attorneys, alleging mortgage-relief scams

Around the Blawgosphere

Bill would regulate gun ads for kids | An NTSB for death penalty cases?

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sued by Judge Judy over TV ads says stations urged him to participate

Consumer Law

Suit says Chobani Greek Yogurt isn’t made in Greece and has more sugar than an ice cream bar

Constitutional Law

Food manufacturing associations challenge Vermont’s GMO labeling law

U.S. Supreme Court

POM Wonderful may sue over competitor’s juice label, despite FDA regulation, SCOTUS rules