Advertising Law

Law Professors

Even zoning regulations can help fight obesity, law prof argues

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is reprimanded for Google ads linked to opposing lawyers in timeshare litigation

Legal Ethics

Florida bar says no to for-profit referral services not owned by bar members

Legal Ethics

Law firms in Florida can send text-message ads to prospective clients, state bar says

Intellectual Property Law

News anchor sues Hasbro over hamster toy, calls look-alike rodent with same name ‘demeaning’

Copyright Law

Michael Jordan is smiling after winning $8.9M in ad case, but says suit ‘was never about the money’

Copyright Law

Artist sues Starbucks, says chain created ‘substantially similar’ works for Frappuccino ads

Privacy Law

Class action claiming Yahoo intercepted email for advertising analysis gets OK from federal judge

Internet Law

Backpage wins dismissal of suit over escort ads said to facilitate child sex trafficking

Constitutional Law

NYC transit agency may ban all political ads to avoid complying with federal judge’s ruling

First Amendment

Satirical ‘killing Jews’ ad can’t be banned from New York mass transit, judge rules

Intellectual Property Law

Clothier settles with Eagles singer over ‘Don a Henley and Take It Easy’ ad

Criminal Justice

Warned not to drive home after DWI conviction, man does and is charged with drunken driving

Trials & Litigation

Suit says ‘zombie cookies’ were used to revive deleted ad-tracking information

Trials & Litigation

Cab companies sue Uber, call ‘safer than a taxi’ ad claim deceptive

Intellectual Property Law

Judge OKs guitar collector’s copyright suit over Toyota ad featuring B.B. King

Consumer Law

Snuggies marketer agrees to pay $8M to settle allegations of deceptive practices


Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

Consumer Law

Suit by grieving pet owner claims Beneful can harm or kill dogs

Legal Technology

Preloaded adware makes some laptops more vulnerable to hackers than others, experts say