Alternative Dispute Resolution

Real Estate & Property Law

Homeowners association OKs playhouse for sick girl, 6, after dad appeals to court of public opinion

Legislation & Lobbying

‘Radical reform’ to state law would allow couples to divorce outside court, if approved

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge: NFL commissioner and arbitrator erred in suspending ex-Vikings player Adrian Peterson

Asked and Answered

How these law students help costs and acrimony for divorcing couples (podcast with transcript)

Paradigm Shift

Model program brings holistic solutions to divorce

Niche Practice

Rightscorp fights Internet piracy by ‘ticketing’ copyright infringers

Internet Law

One-third of top websites have clauses to restrict consumer lawsuits

Legal Rebels Profile

Wevorce CEO Michelle Crosby is shaking up the adversarial divorce process

Injury & Accident Law

Over 100 died from GM ignition-switch issues, survivors claim

Consumer Law

GM cites ‘pattern of incompetence,’ fires 15 including legal execs, will pay ignition-switch victims

Consumer Law

Buying a General Mills product eliminates the right to sue, according to online legal terms

First Amendment

Ruling banning secret arbitrations in Del. Chancery Court won’t be overturned by SCOTUS

Alternative Dispute Resolution

FINRA says arbitrator axed from its list wasn’t a lawyer

Government Law

Without involving counsel, NYC agrees to pay $6.4M to man who claimed he was framed by detective

Criminal Justice

Judges act as mediators in serious criminal cases in this Kansas county

Constitutional Law

Are secret arbitration panels illegal? Del. Chancery asks SCOTUS to nix 3rd Circuit ruling

Family Law

Doctor’s wife is charged in his shooting outside law office after mediation session

Law Practices

2 lawyers use ‘structured negotiations’ to improve access for the disabled

Trials & Litigation

Ex-Miss USA contestant told to pay Donald Trump $5M files malpractice suit against her former lawyer

Letters to the Editor

Letters: The World of Words