Appellate Practice

Entertainment & Sports Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes Barry Bonds obstruction conviction

Appellate Practice

Squished-together words don’t count as one, Federal Circuit says; appeal is tossed

Constitutional Law

Nation’s top court OKs state ban on pedicures by foot-nibbling fish

Appellate Practice

Check your briefs for acronym overuse, DC Circuit clerk tells lawyers in campaign finance case

Law in Popular Culture

Defense lawyers follow popular Serial podcast’s lead, are publishing sequel to client’s online story

Legislation & Lobbying

Will provision in funding law stop feds from prosecuting marijuana crimes?

Law Firms

Lawyer arguing on behalf of gay marriage ban in SCOTUS takes leave from his firm

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court ruling reviving $40M courthouse-renovation asbestos suit will go to state’s top court

White Collar Crime

2nd Circuit refuses to reconsider its ruling limiting insider-trading convictions

U.S. Supreme Court

Alabama redistricting challenge stays alive in SCOTUS; Scalia sees majority as ‘standby counsel’


Botched child-murder case gets tossed; mother jailed for 2 decades speaks out

Criminal Procedure

Defense objected to twin-jury murder trial of 2 men, but wants cases consolidated for appeal

Criminal Justice

‘Serial’ subject Syed appeals, says lawyer never interviewed alibi and didn’t seek plea deal

Death Penalty

Hundreds of attorneys petition top Texas court over law prof’s 1-year suspension from pro bono work

U.S. Supreme Court

BigLaw partner won’t be sanctioned for jargon-filled SCOTUS petition; others are forewarned

Civil Procedure

Oops! Mislabeled docket notices don’t excuse blown deadline in $40M appeal, appeals court says


Freed after 20 years, man gets $20M; another whose DNA doesn’t match linked murder is still jailed

Trials & Litigation

Once on death row, man released after 39 years behind bars gets $1M for wrongful imprisonment

Disability Law

Deaf man took plea in theft case over iPad that wasn’t stolen, due to lack of communication

Criminal Procedure

Suspended judge loses round in state’s top court in fight to ax prosecutor in domestic violence case