Appellate Practice

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Labor & Employment

Does federal law forbid workplace discrimination against gays? Full 7th Circuit hears arguments

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court drops ATM fee cases because of a switch in arguments

Appellate Practice

Kansas attorney general apologizes for Dred Scott citation in abortion brief

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Ginsburg’s accent returns to her New York roots, linguists say

Patent Law

In ‘surprise’ ruling, full appeals court reinstates Apple’s $119.6M infringement award

U.S. Supreme Court

Kardashian hypothetical is raised in SCOTUS arguments on intent needed for bank fraud violation

Appellate Practice

Lawyers will have to cut 1,000 words from their arguments in federal appeals briefs


Former solicitor general will open DC office for Munger Tolles

Legal Writing

Federal judge issues footnote warning, threatens to toss pleadings using wrong format

Criminal Justice

ABA urges 11th Circuit to strike down bail schedules as unconstitutional

Pro Bono

ABA backs adequate legal fees for lawyers awarded $10K out of $160K budget for capital filing

Appellate Practice

Expert lawyering before SCOTUS is ‘exceedingly lopsided’ in criminal cases, law review article says

Legal Education

Jenner and University of Chicago Law School open SCOTUS clinic


7th Circuit judge has ‘penchant for confabulation,’ losing law prof alleges in law review article

Sentencing / Post-Conviction

Legality of using predictive data to determine sentences challenged in Wisconsin Supreme Court case

Constitutional Law

First and Second Amendments square off in ‘Docs v. Glocks’ case before en banc 11th Circuit

Appellate Practice

After critics panned his most important SCOTUS argument, solicitor general learned this lesson

Business of Law

Appeals court: Yelp must remove defamatory 3rd-party material about lawyer who won defamation case

Health Law

Judge puts on hold landmark San Francisco law mandating sugary beverage ad warnings

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit: Judge should have appointed lawyer for mentally ill woman who missed appeal deadline
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