Appellate Practice

U.S. Supreme Court

Which SCOTUS justices crib the most from briefs?

Constitutional Law

Can cop have 0INK as his vanity plate? Top state court mulls First Amendment case

Intellectual Property Law

Chicken sandwich can’t be copyrighted, federal appeals court rules

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Man will be resentenced over trial judge’s comments in unrelated case

Internet Law

Dissenter blasts Posner’s Internet research in inmate’s suit over acid reflux treatment

Death Penalty

US Supreme Court appeal against client’s wishes fails; execution takes place

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS litigators charge as much as $1,800 an hour, filing says

Appellate Practice

7th Circuit says sorry about forgetting case for 5 years

Trials & Litigation

Coal company asks court to strike protest song lyrics from activists’ lawsuit

Trials & Litigation

Ex-associate settles lurid sex-harassment suit against law firm

Appellate Practice

6th Circuit criticizes lawyer’s ‘outlandish’ comparisons, tosses challenge to lawn mowing fine

Family Law

Using hot sauce on boy for ‘Dr. Phil’ show was bid for attention, not discipline, court rules


How trials are more like plot-driven movies than character-driven novels

Entertainment & Sports Law

Top sports court nixes IAAF testosterone-based ban on some female athletes

Criminal Justice

Suspect in Charleston church massacre is indicted on federal hate-crime charges


Judge nixes felony case against Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend-lawyer, says it ‘reeks of unfairness’


Facebook lacks standing to challenge subpoenas of users’ info in disability case, appeals court says

U.S. Supreme Court

Do corporate amicus briefs pose a conflict for stockholding SCOTUS justices?

Criminal Justice

Did ‘legendary’ former prosecutor withhold evidence in multiple cases?

Appellate Practice

Posner admits he’s ‘brutal to lawyers’ but defends his critique of Roberts’ gay-marriage dissent