Trials & Litigation

Bankruptcy firm chief sues ex-associate for $1M over alleged software conspiracy


We want to be the best, so we don’t hire Ivy League law grads, says small-firm chief

Personal Lives

Homeless man was once a BigLaw lawyer and the chief justice’s Harvard Law classmate

Human Rights

China detains or queries 100 lawyers, activists and others in sweep targeting human rights law firms

Business of Law

Paid $650K in bonuses, 2 lawyers formed new firm and ‘wiped out’ senior lawyer, suit says

Law Firms

Summer associate perks proliferate; pay is $3,000 a week at some firms

Law Firms

Lewis Brisbois opens Oregon office with a dozen Williams Kastner lawyers

Your ABA

Latest employment numbers for 2014 law school graduates don’t add up to a clear trend

Trials & Litigation

Judge left ‘threatening’ voice mail for defendant, says lawyer now seeking jurist’s recusal


Federal judge sees late-night deadline issue as ‘sad commentary’ on lives of associates

Law Firms

Few lawyers added at nation’s top law firms in 2014; which firms gained and lost the most?

Law by the Numb#rs

3Ls and old pros differ on whether new grads are prepared for practice

Criminal Justice

Woman pleads guilty in hotel stabbing death of DLA Piper lawyer


Two global law firms will use software to find standout UK hires from underprivileged backgrounds


A good night’s sleep on a $4K mattress pointed a former BigLaw attorney to a new job in sales


7th Circuit: Law firm doesn’t owe fired PI attorney bonuses, due to terms of compensation pact

Law Scribbler

Legal innovation summit attendees are long on ideas but short in data

Question of the Week

In your experience, do new lawyers have the necessary skills to be ready to practice?

Law Practice Management

Standing desks and pricey cognac: Are they happiness boosters for associates?


New BigLaw associates make the most money in NYC, says survey