Attorney Fees

Real Estate & Property Law

9th Circuit OKs legal fees in failed suit over school bus converted to look like Spanish galleon

Supreme Court Report

Court says criminal defendants should be allowed to pay lawyers with ‘untainted’ funds

Legal Ethics

Lawyer can appeal sanction order though fine has been paid by her employer, Posner opinion says

Attorney Fees

Utah Supreme Court strikes down attorney fee schedule in workers’ comp cases

U.S. Supreme Court

Company sued by EEOC can collect attorney fees absent a ruling on the merits, Supreme Court rules

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is censured over $71K legal bill that included $30K in interest

Consumer Law

Coffeemaker win lacks perk for lawyer who asked for $180K in fees but got $6,800

Business of Law

Top hourly rates for some BigLaw partners have reached $2K, survey finds

Trials & Litigation

9th Circuit removes judge who slashed attorney fees from BarBri antitrust class action

Government Law

Municipalities find new funding source by filing class-action suits

Constitutional Law

Top Florida court strikes state statute that paid worker’s comp lawyer $1.53 per hour

Consumer Law

Lawyer now says he won’t pursue $252.25 demand for missing soup at lunch

Legal Ethics

Lawyer accused of surreptitiously buying client’s property is hired as city attorney

Legal Ethics

When can two lawyers from different firms divide a fee in a referral arrangement?

The New Normal

Get rid of the billable hour—but then what?

Disability Law

Retailer must make website accessible to visually impaired and pay plaintiff legal fees, judge rules

Trials & Litigation

Ex-DLA Piper partner caught in ‘churn that bill, baby!’ crossfire sues firm’s counsel

Attorney Fees

Law firm can’t sue SSA for attorney fees paid to clients, 2nd Circuit says

Labor & Employment

With latest $22K sanction, attorney’s total for case tops $166K

Attorney Fees

Mayor says law firm overcharged $657K in 11-year case, threatens criminal investigation