Attorney Fees

Securities Law

$72M payday for 2 small law firms OK’d by judge

Criminal Justice

Two lawyers are convicted of extortion for arrest threat in bid to collect fee

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit: Federal judge abused discretion by refusing to let law firm withdraw in civil case

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit OKs sanctions for filing frivolous suit, may add sanctions for filing frivolous appeal


7th Circuit: Law firm doesn’t owe fired PI attorney bonuses, due to terms of compensation pact

Business of Law

Feds go electronic on payments for indigent representation

Trials & Litigation

Litigant’s F-word filing tells ‘geezer’ judge just what she thinks of his ‘blah, blah, blah’ finding

Family Law

Mom files federal civil rights suit in parental fight over circumcision of boy, 4

Trials & Litigation

Employer ordered to pay $270K plus $2.1M in attorney’s fees, federal judge rules

Corporate Law

Amid battle over bill banning fee-shifting bylaws in Delaware, legal experts point to loophole

Attorney Fees

Legal costs exceed $100 per student at some public schools; $23 is billed for lawyer’s phone message

Government Law

Nursing homes ask court to nix Cohen Milstein probe and void contingency-fee pact with state AG


Lawyer seeks $3M in damages from ex-boyfriend, for both legal fees and palimony

Trials & Litigation

Judge calls $600K legal fee in fast-track $1.5M settlement for woman punched by cop ‘unconscionable’

Trials & Litigation

Ex-client sues law firm, says it withheld ‘fugly’ assessment of $12M case while billing $1.3M

Trials & Litigation

After criminal case was dropped, ex-cop can sue to recoup his $1M defense costs, judge rules

Law By the Numb#rs

Many small firms face big payment problems

Law Firms

Disbanded Heller firm isn’t entitled to profits from cases taken to new firms, ABA brief says

Trials & Litigation

Class action judge orders lawyer to stop recruiting opt-out plaintiffs in oil royalty suit

White-Collar Crime

Lawmaker is federally indicted over $3.7M in claimed payments by law firms