Attorney Fees

Business of Law

Top partner billing rates at BigLaw firms approach $1,500 per hour

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer who won $390K for clients at trial must pay $11K for alerting media about case

Attorney Fees

BigLaw firm billed for ‘outlandish’ Ritz-Carlton stays, first-class airfare, suit alleges

Trials & Litigation

Judge’s battle to stay on bench ends at SCOTUS, but ethics case is still ongoing

Civil Rights

BigLaw firm to review Chicago in-house team after police shooting defense verdict is struck

Attorney Fees

Federal judge sanctions lawyer for ‘litigious necromancy’ and ‘see what sticks’ approach to briefing

Civil Procedure

Chief justice: Judges and lawyers should heed speedy justice idea in ‘big deal’ civil rule changes

Law Firms

Federal judge criticizes BigLaw firm’s ‘unorthodox approach’ in New Jersey bridge scandal

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge says lawyer and client must pay $19K for filing baseless civil rights suit

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS agrees to decide if company sued by EEOC can collect attorney fees in tossed case

White-Collar Crime

Federal judge blasts DOJ for seizing $908K in client funds from law firm trust account

Bankruptcy Law

Did lawyers for 50 Cent spend too much? Woman awarded $7M by jury disputes $123K bill for his costs

Attorney's Fees

Federal judge says IRS must pay $239K to lawyers in FOIA case, but nixes multiplier

Copyright Law

YouTube to pay defense costs for some video creators facing takedown demands

Trials & Litigation

Settlement calls for wife’s life insurance to pay for husband’s defense in murder case

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge imposes $70K sanction on defense attorney over witness gaffe that caused mistrial

Criminal Justice

Is alleged drug kingpin influencing co-defendants by paying for their counsel?

Labor & Employment

Jury says law firm owes $123K in contingent fees to lawyer; award is then doubled under wage statute

White-Collar Crime

Quid pro quo? Doctor testifies about ‘relationship’ with lawmaker who got millions in referral fees

Civil Rights

City to pay $175K in legal costs for ACLU’s successful suit against panhandling law