Attorney Fees

Constitutional Law

En banc 1st Circuit ruling nixes state-funded sex-change surgery for prison inmate

Business of Law

New crowdfunding site helps individuals raise money for legal fees

Trials & Litigation

Judge nixes fees for bankruptcy lawyer, citing ‘passive-aggressive’ response to required forms

Attorney Fees

BigLaw bankruptcy lawyer billed Detroit $34K for travel to and from his vacation home

Law Firms

Venable sues ex-client over $300K bill, claiming fraudulent inducement

Law Scribbler

Creator of the DuPont model makes an inside move

Attorney Fees

Posner: ‘Outlandish’ attorney fees in glucosamine settlement were part of a ‘selfish deal’

Tax Law

Tax attorney will accept Bitcoin payments, but won’t take digital currency on retainer

Copyright Law

Federal judge says lawyer must pay $87K for filing ‘objectively baseless’ suit over Web news posts

Trials & Litigation

Federal suit over coffee machine bought at Starbucks settles for $250, but lawyer could get $175K

Trials & Litigation

Top NY court says widow’s estate must pay lawyers $44M for less than five months’ work

Immigration Law

Federal government announces $9M in funding for unaccompanied minors’ counsel


How profitable are alternative fee arrangements, in practice?

Law By the Numb#rs

Consider the Alternatives: How profitable are alternative fee arrangements?

Trials & Litigation

Law firm seeks to join line of judgment creditors against ex-attorney Stan Chesley

Legal Ethics

11th Circuit cites Bible, labels lawyer’s action a ‘textbook example of bad faith’

Attorney Fees

Los Angeles to pay $725K to lawyers in homeless rights case

Trials & Litigation

Jones Day bill for Detroit bankruptcy has topped $26M

Attorney Fees

Suit targets billing by litigation support companies, names Jacoby & Meyers as a defendant

The New Normal

‘Satisfaction guaranteed’—it’s never caught on with lawyers