Attorney General

Attorney General

Loretta Lynch is confirmed as attorney general

Attorney General

Loretta Lynch’s nomination for attorney general moves forward

Criminal Justice

Justice Department opens inquiry into police treatment of Freddie Gray, who died after spinal injury


Flawed FBI hair testimony was widespread in criminal cases before 2000, initial analysis finds

Privacy Law

DEA tracked billions of international phone calls in ‘blueprint’ for NSA program

Internet Law

Online art seller agrees to guilty plea in justice’s first e-commerce price-fixing prosecution

White Collar Crime

2nd Circuit refuses to reconsider its ruling limiting insider-trading convictions

Constitutional Law

Lawyer’s proposed gay death penalty is ‘reprehensible,’ says state AG in bid to stop ballot process

Attorney General

Loretta Lynch’s attorney general nomination ‘is being held hostage,’ editorial says

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Want to tackle mass incarceration? Cap most sentences at 20 years, expert suggests


Ferguson judge resigns after DOJ report; Missouri appeals judge will take over municipal docket

Criminal Justice

Justice Department finds ‘unconstitutional policing’ in Ferguson; racial bias, revenue focus cited

Criminal Justice

Ferguson cop won’t face federal charge in Michael Brown’s death; DOJ discounts surrender accounts

Attorney General

Traffic stops by Ferguson cops are expected to be targeted in Justice Department report

Civil Rights

Feds won’t prosecute George Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin

Antitrust Law

American Express merchant policies are anti-competitive, judge rules

Attorney General

Eric Holder comments on his avian nickname

Securities Law

S&P to pay nearly $1.4B to resolve allegations it inflated ratings of mortgage securities

Attorney General

Amid criticism of Eric Holder, attorney general nominee promises to ‘be Loretta Lynch’

Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania supremes block any charges against state attorney general