Attorney General

Attorney General

Fast and Furious emails released, including Holder’s complaint about ‘Issa and his idiot cronies’

Legislation & Lobbying

Lobbyists target attorneys general; Dickstein touts its ‘strong relationships’ with AGs

Attorney General

Ex-White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler asks Obama not to nominate her for AG job

Criminal Justice

DOJ denounces ‘irresponsible’ leaks in Ferguson police-shooting case

Tort Law

Wendy Davis defends controversial wheelchair campaign ad, saying it attacks lawsuit-stance hypocrisy

Constitutional Law

New DOJ policy bans waiver of potential ineffective-assistance claims against defense counsel

Health Law

TRO bans incinerated Ebola waste from being transported to Louisiana

Internet Law

DEA agent created imposter Facebook page with real woman’s info to lure suspects, suit says

Attorney General

Eric Holder won’t be held in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents, rules judge

Executive Branch

Pennsylvania official named in pornographic email scandal refuses to resign

Election Law

Divided appellate court strikes part of North Carolina’s controversial voting law

Trials & Litigation

Big Tobacco appeals court-mandated anti-smoking advertisements

Verdicts & Settlements

US will pay Navajo Nation $554M to settle suit claiming mismanagement of resources

Attorney General

Attorney General Eric Holder resigns but ‘will never leave the work’

Criminal Justice

Prison population drops along with the crime rate, Holder says

Privacy Law

Fired John Doe prosecutor can remain anonymous in suit against Justice Department, judge rules

Attorney General

Justice Department to launch broad civil rights probe of Ferguson police

Banking Law

Bank of America to pay record $16.6B in mortgage-securities settlement with US

Consumer Law

Louisiana suit claims State Farm emphasizes costs over safety with preferred auto repair shops

Attorney General

Holder, who has made police misconduct cases a priority, will travel to Ferguson