Attorney General

Consumer Law

Massachusetts law firm is accused of suing debtors without ‘meaningful attorney involvement’

Criminal Justice

Obama commutes sentences of 95 federal prisoners, grants 2 pardons

Criminal Justice

Aide to Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane is convicted for email snooping in violation of court order

Attorney General

Justice Department will investigate use of deadly force by Chicago police

White-Collar Crime

Should movement to ease criminal laws extend to white-collar offenders? Coalition splits on answer

Attorney General

2nd Circuit rules Justice Department doesn’t have to disclose additional drone-strike memos

Education Law

For-profit education company will pay $95.5M to settle illegal recruiting claim

Internet Law

Oregon digitally surveilled Black Lives Matter supporters; state AG is ‘shocked and appalled’

Government Law

Colorado governor asks court to bar state AG from suing feds without his permission

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court refuses appeal in anti-gay defamation case

Juvenile Justice

New Jersey sheriff’s officer charged with illegally giving juvenile’s mugshots to newspaper


Justice Department hires lawyer to fight domestic terrorism; sovereign citizens a key concern

Criminal Justice

Constant filming of police officers is ‘impacting their judgment,’ Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says

Sentencing/Post Conviction

About 6,000 federal inmates will get early release at month’s end; will crime go up?


Pennsylvania AG says email linked to current state justice had racial and misogynistic jokes

Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane faces new perjury charge for alleged denial of secrecy obligation

Your ABA

Attorney General Loretta Lynch praises ABA efforts in sentencing reform


Strong Cities Network will foster collaboration to fight violent extremism, US attorney general says

Criminal Justice

Justice Department announces $44 million in grants against human trafficking

Criminal Justice

West Virginia funeral home accused of filing false death claims