Attorney General

Criminal Justice

Hundreds of Nebraska inmates released early due to sentence miscalculations, officials say

Constitutional Law

Which laws are unworthy of defense? Four candidates for Wisconsin attorney general list them

Constitutional Law

Food manufacturing associations challenge Vermont’s GMO labeling law

Criminal Justice

ABA and DOJ seek retroactive application of new federal drug-sentencing guidelines


US asks court for additional deletions in drone-strike memo


Drone-memo author is confirmed as federal appeals judge

Real Estate & Property Law

Airbnb will provide anonymous user data in New York’s investigation of illegal hotels

Attorney General

US will release drone-strike memo holding up judicial confirmation of former Justice official

Banking Law

Credit Suisse will pay $2.6B in tax evasion case, but won’t have to identify US clients

International Law

US criminally charges Chinese military officials with cyberspying

Attorney General

A ‘culture of misinformation’? Two senators express concern about DOJ statements to Supreme Court

Immigration Law

Former supervisor with US prison bureau is shocked to learn he’s not a citizen

Education Law

State AG’s suit says school officials punished middle-school students for reporting sexual abuse


Legal memos justifying drone killings bring controversy for appeals court nominee

Law in Popular Culture

‘Daily Show’ takes aim at gun-rights legal defense firms

Immigration Law

Some children brought to US illegally qualify for in-state tuition, Va. AG announces

Death Penalty

Okla. Supreme Court issues 11th-hour stays to 2 pending executions

Sentencing/Post Conviction

DOJ’s new clemency criteria could benefit nonviolent federal drug offenders

Legal Ethics

New Hampshire AG seeks to fast-track hearing on county attorney’s removal

Trials & Litigation

North Carolina attorney general finally apologizes to his opponent from 2000