Attorney General

Legal Ethics

Embattled Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane suspended from practicing law

Privacy Law

Justice officials threatened mass resignation over retroactive approval of NSA program


AG Loretta Lynch says US prosecutor will work at European police agency

Death Penalty

Oklahoma appeals court stays execution of Richard Glossip

Entertainment & Sports Law

More arrests and charges in FIFA corruption probe should be expected, says AG Lynch

White-Collar Crime

Justice Department releases guidelines to foster pursuit of individuals in corporate wrongdoing

Criminal Justice

Texas attorney general’s lawyer is withdrawing from his defense, citing unspecified ‘issues’

Attorney General

Porn emails cited by Pennsylvania AG are unsealed; she says senders ‘manufactured’ case against her

Government Law

Gun rights advocates sue Seattle over tax on sale of firearms and ammunition

Civil Rights

Justice Department expands civil rights law with ‘statements of interest’ in local suits

Criminal Justice

Cop shooting of white teen in Hardee’s sting gets lesser media attention; lawyer sees racial reason

Privacy Law

Email secrecy claim by Pennsylvania’s AG appears at odds with newly released document

Criminal Justice

Los Angeles County agrees to federal oversight of jail system

Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane is charged in grand jury leak, accused of lying about it

Criminal Justice

Texas attorney general is charged with securities fraud

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Royalty joins the ABA in marking the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta

Attorney General

Justice Department inspector general says legal opinion will impair his watchdog role


Eric Holder returns to ‘last stop’ job at Covington, offers thoughts on Snowden and US Supreme Court

Criminal Justice

Securities allegations against Texas attorney general will be presented to grand jury

Antitrust Law

Justice Department is investigating possible collusion by some airlines