Aviation & Space Law

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge nixes big-game hunter’s suit over airline’s refusal to transport trophy rhinoceros

International Law

Lawsuit filed in US over intentional crash of German flight in French Alps

Obiter Dicta

Courts must decide whether new high-tech toys can also be targets

Criminal Justice

Appeals court judge is detained, but makes flight, after loaded gun found at airport in his luggage

Privacy Law

Does property owner have the right to shoot down hobbyist’s hovering drone?

National Pulse

FAA claims that airplane ride-arranging sites violate federal regulations

Internet Law

Uber-type flight app shuts down after DC Circuit decision

Constitutional Law

Baby born on China Airlines flight diverted to Alaska eligible for US citizenship, official says

Trials & Litigation

Rhino hunter and US clubs sue Delta Airlines over transport ban on big-game trophies

Criminal Justice

Law student is charged with flying drone at stadium during U of Kentucky football season opener

Tort Law

Lawyer says US suit is planned over crash of German plane in French Alps


August 5, 1981: Reagan fires air traffic controllers

Aviation & Space Law

Chicago ponders possible drone rules, could require registration and insurance

Annual Meeting

How should we regulate the ‘sharing economy’?

Privacy Law

Cellphone user had no expectation of privacy in pocket-dialed call, 6th Circuit rules

Aviation & Space Law

Writers blast ‘airline seating from hell’: One calls for law to ban plan detailed in patent filing

Criminal Justice

Freed from jail Thursday, accused airline stowaway attempter is arrested again Friday and Saturday

Privacy Law

Report: FBI uses fake companies to disguise surveillance planes with video and cellphone technology


Did passenger control plane by hacking into its computer? FBI probes Twitter claims

Real Estate & Property Law

TSA returns $100K watch forgotten by traveler, after investigating ownership claim