Banking Law

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Consumer Law

Suit claims legal funding firm misled 9/11 responders, retired NFL players about its cash advances

Banking Law

Trump begins attack on financial regulations with signing of two executive orders

Consumer Law

Two of the top credit reporting companies agree to pay $23M to resolve deceptive marking claims

Attorney Fees

Federal judge chops $10M from fee request, criticizes billing rates for temporary associates

Securities Law

Trump nominates BigLaw banking lawyer to head SEC

Trials & Litigation

The tables turn as Democratic attorneys general prepare to challenge Trump policies

U.S. Supreme Court

Bank fraud law reaches scheme to cheat bank depositor of account funds, Supreme Court says


Some windfall winners need a lawyer to protect them from themselves

Executive Branch

Future is cloudy for Dodd-Frank and financial regulatory agencies under Trump presidency

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court drops ATM fee cases because of a switch in arguments

Alternative Dispute Resolution

9th Circuit tosses arbitration decision because panel chair lied about being a lawyer

Supreme Court Report

SCOTUS will decide whether Miami can sue banks under the Fair Housing Act

Attorney Fees

Two law firms earned more than $1B to help US pursue banks

Law Firms

Suit blames Wells Fargo foreclosure response for bankrupt law firm’s financial predicament

U.S. Supreme Court

Kardashian hypothetical is raised in SCOTUS arguments on intent needed for bank fraud violation

Verdicts & Settlements

Judge orders race car driver and companies to pay record $1.3B restitution in payday-lending scheme

U.S. Supreme Court

Does ban on merchant labeling swipe fee a ‘surcharge’ violate free speech? SCOTUS to decide

Antitrust Law

US didn’t prove AmEx merchant policies violated antitrust law, 2nd Circuit says

Consumer Law

Wells Fargo to pay $185M fine for opening bank accounts for customers without their knowledge


JPMorgan decision on minimum level of assets for premium service hits lawyers hard
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