Banking Law

Banking Law

Bank of America to pay record $16.6B in mortgage-securities settlement with US

Law Firms

Suit claims boiler room operation recruited plaintiffs in alleged law firm mortgage rescue scam


Aug. 12, 1998: Swiss banks settle Holocaust claims

Banking Law

Judge orders Bank of America to pay $1.2B for Countrywide’s sale of faulty loans

Banking Law

Congressman demands details behind DOJ settlements with Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase

Consumer Law

Illinois AG sues over claimed student-loan debt-settlement ‘scams’

Banking Law

Citi to pay $7B in latest settlement of US claims that sub-par mortgages caused financial crisis

Internet Law

Goldman Sachs asks judge to order Google to delete email sent to wrong account

Banking Law

BNP Paribas will pay nearly $9B, a record fine for violating US sanctions

Banking Law

At least $12 billion sought in DOJ talks with Bank of America to resolve mortgage probes

Banking Law

French bank reportedly cited legal memo by ‘well-respected’ US law firm in plea negotiation

Opening Statements

Banks face a slew of suits over their ADA-violating ATMs

Tax Law

In wake of Credit Suisse plea, US expects ‘wealth of information’ leading to ‘the rest of the world’

Banking Law

Credit Suisse will pay $2.6B in tax evasion case, but won’t have to identify US clients

Real estate and property law

Those who lost homes in massive Wash. mudslide may still owe mortgage payments


Charles Keating, former lawyer and key figure in S&L debacle, dies at 90

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer who pointed client in accident case to high-interest loan did nothing wrong, judge rules

Legal Technology

Got cybersecurity? Some corporate clients ask law firms for proof

White-Collar Crime

Indicted lawyer used client to impersonate his own mother in $100K loan fraud, authorities say

Trials & Litigation

BigLaw partner used his briefcase ‘as a weapon’ to bash opposing counsel, lawsuit says