Banking Law

Banking Law

Lawyer Says Subprime Suits Could Be ‘Bigger Than Enron’

Law Firms

Winston Lures Up to 18 Lawyers from N.C. Firm, Opens Charlotte Office


Judge Calls Countrywide ‘Re-Created’ Letters a Smoking Gun

Banking Law

Baltimore Sues Bank for Lost Tax Revenue Due to Foreclosures

Tort Law

State Street Corp. Readies for Lawsuits Related to Subprime Losses


Subprime Problems Boost Securities Class-Action Suits

Internet Law

Cyber Crime Does, Increasingly, Pay

International Law

China Law Firms Open US Offices

Administrative Law

Fed Seeks to Restrict Subprime Lending

Corporate Compliance

Mortgage Mess Gets Messier

Legislation & Lobbying

Seniors, Good Credit Risks Targeted By Lenders; Mortgage Solution Sought

Law Firms

Judges Crack Down on Law Firm ‘Foreclosure Mills’

Bankruptcy Law

Bills Would Allow Bankruptcy Judges to Modify Home Loans

Banking Law

Mortgage Protection Bill Passes House

Banking Law

‘Law School 101’ Could Help Struggling Homeowners

Law Practice

More Law Firms Seek to Sue Banks

Real Estate & Property Law

Fla. Mortgage Fraud Monolith: Building Had Most Bad Deals

Banking Law

Are New U.S. Accounting Rules Bad News for Banks?

Law Practice

Ace Private Equity Attorney: Super-Smarts Aren’t a Job Requirement

Real Estate & Property Law

N.Y. Mortgage Appraisal Probe Spotlights Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac