Bankruptcy Law

Law Firms

Judge sees ‘self-congratulatory blather’ in BigLaw brief; paralegals blamed for error

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer and wife win $26M jury verdict; defendant cab company immediately files bankruptcy

Business of Law

Jones Day to open office in Detroit

Legislation & Lobbying

Obama takes steps to allow more student loans to be discharged during bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law

Rent-stabilized lease can’t be sold to satisfy bankruptcy creditors, says 2nd Circuit

Law Firms

Disbanded Heller firm isn’t entitled to profits from cases taken to new firms, ABA brief says

Consumer Law

Bankruptcy court battle looms over economic-loss claims against GM concerning ignition-switch issues

Trials & Litigation

Judge OKs $178M in Detroit bankruptcy professional fees; Jones Day gets $58M

Trials & Litigation

Once-storied law firm, now dissolved, files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Cover Story

How Dewey management’s rosy picture masked an ugly truth

Law Firms

Court: BigLaw firms missed $1.5B error, erasing JPMorgan’s security interest in GM loan

Law Practice Management

Former Dewey rainmaker who earned $6M in 2011 files for bankruptcy


‘Real Housewives’ star files $5M suit against her bankruptcy lawyer, blames him for prison sentence

Trials & Litigation

Judge nixes fees for bankruptcy lawyer, citing ‘passive-aggressive’ response to required forms

Criminal Justice

Disbarred lawyer wins appeal, has client-fraud conviction reversed after serving his prison time

Attorney Fees

BigLaw bankruptcy lawyer billed Detroit $34K for travel to and from his vacation home

U.S. Supreme Court

Can second mortgages on underwater property be voided in bankruptcy? SCOTUS to decide

Law Practice Management

How to curb the law firm exodus? Study looks at traits of those most likely to leave law practice

Government Law

Judge OKs Detroit bankruptcy-exit plan, lets city slash over $7B from its debtload

Law Firms

Wiley Rein is casting off its bankruptcy group