Bar Associations

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit OKs one late habeas filing, nixes another, says both inmates abandoned by same lawyer

Bar Exam

Iowa won’t end bar exam for state law grads but considers scheduling test during 3L year

Legal Ethics

Prosecutors in supervisory roles need to create a ‘culture of compliance,’ ABA ethics opinion says

Bar Associations

Dick Cheney’s unedited bio stirs controversy among Wyoming lawyers

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced

President's Message

As we honor the past, we need fresh thinking to ensure access to justice for all


NSA surveillance policies raise questions about the viability of the attorney-client privilege

Your ABA

New ABA President William Hubbard wants to close legal services delivery gap for poor

Your ABA

ABA Publishing puts growing emphasis on legal books that interest general audiences

Your ABA

Program will mobilize lawyers to help reduce VA claims processing backlog

Legal Technology

‘Hackcess to Justice’ winners look to increase the reach of their apps

Law Scribbler

Hackathon winners look to increase the reach of their apps

American Bar Association

Legal self-help centers are ‘vibrant and effective,’ survey says; can unbundled services play role?

Bar Associations

After vote, Connecticut Bar Association will not help defend state gun control law in court

Personal Lives

ABA to partner with treatment center in study of attorney depression, substance abuse and anxiety

White-Collar Crime

Sentencing Commission to consider penalties for economic crimes

Annual Meeting

ABA House urges legislation that would formally recognize and punish crimes against humanity

Annual Meeting

ABA House condemns laws worldwide discriminating against LGBT people and criminalizing homosexuality

Annual Meeting

Employers need policies in place to address domestic violence and stalking, says ABA House

Annual Meeting

Our goals and motto call on us to fight implicit bias, says ABA President-elect Brown