Insurance Law

Insurance coverage denials not unusual when illegal behavior is alleged, but not proven

Disability Law

Federal Circuit: US must pay attorney’s fee to lawyer who took veteran’s case 20 years ago

Insurance Law

9th Circuit: In ERISA case where appeal period ended on a Saturday, filing deadline becomes Monday

Constutional Law

Illinois state pension law declared unconstitutional

Trials & Litigation

Midwest law firm wins record $62M settlement from Lockheed in suit over 401(k) fees

Labor & Employment

McDonald’s sued by former employees over ‘racist’ franchise in Virginia


Widow of longtime FedEx worker sues over denial of spouse’s pension benefits

Supreme Court Report

Court to weigh whether employers must accommodate pregnant workers with the same limits as others


2nd Circuit says judge abused discretion by denying attorney fees in ERISA case

U.S. Supreme Court

Suit over 401(k) losses in employer’s own stock gets SCOTUS review

Religious Law

Contraceptive mandate blocked by 7th Circuit

Trials & Litigation

After former friend’s tip-off, onetime BigLaw partner loses disability benefits

Labor & Employment

Strippers are club employees and should be paid minimum wage, federal judge rules

Military Law

Federal judge rules military can’t deny survivor benefits to veteran’s same-sex spouse


Cozen partner’s surviving same-sex spouse gets her law firm profit-sharing fund, federal judge rules


Law prof plans to release survey of 401(k) fees via Twitter

Bankruptcy Law

Detroit bankruptcy unconstitutional, judge rules in pension case

Labor & Employment

Drug testing as a condition for unemployment benefits supported by some lawmakers

Business of Law

Law firm resolves ERISA case, must repay $1M in worker retirement assets


Work on Your Retirement Plans: Choices Depend on Firm Size and Income