Business of Law

Law Practice Management

Should partners lose their couches and corner offices? Paul Hastings considers changes

In-house Counsel

Companies shift legal spending in-house as more embrace ‘in-sourcing’

Business of Law

4 top partners will exit NY law firm to establish new office for competitor

Trials & Litigation

Law firm mistakenly identifies dead smokers as alive in 588 suits; 11th Circuit upholds dismissal

Business of Law

Locke Lord and Edwards Wildman OK letter of intent to merge into 1,000-attorney firm

Legal Ethics

Suspended lawyer blames leisure lifestyle for misstatements, acknowledges snarky emails

Law Firms

BuckleySandler is opening a London office

Criminal Justice

DA says smartphones should block texting behind wheel, wants insurance discounts for such devices

Asked and Answered

How do you provide client hand-holding if you run a virtual firm? (podcast with transcript)

Law Firms

Toledo law firm founded 45 years ago closes its doors

Legal Marketing

5-attorney family law firm is lead sponsor for NASCAR driver, hopes he will win race and new clients

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced

Business of Law

Hinshaw & Culbertson to acquire 45-attorney California firm

Cover Story

Legal Rebels 2014


Looking back on Zubulake, 10 years later


Prisoner exonerations are at an all-time high, and it’s not because of DNA testing

Opening Statements

Lawyer forms a national group to link food truck associations

Practice Ideas

Akerman takes time to find new ideas for client service

Litigation Finance

Matchmaking website connects plaintiffs to litigation funding, but is that ethical?

Venture Capital

Investors sharpen focus on legal services