Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused of persuading client to invest $120K in his cat litter box invention

Criminal Justice

Deputy distracted by patrol car’s computer won’t be charged in fatal collision with bicycling lawyer

Constitutional Law

Federal gun ban applies even if domestic violence victim isn’t injured, state appeals court says

Labor & Employment

‘Seismic’ 9th Cir. rulings nix FedEx claim its drivers aren’t employees, could cost company millions

Criminal Justice

Serial airline stowaway attempter is now in Arizona, where she has been arrested again

Criminal Procedure

9th Circuit revives pro se habeas petition, says trial court erred in applying ‘prison mailbox’ rule

Criminal Justice

Owners of 100-pound dogs charged with 2nd-degree murder in fatal attack on jogger

Natural Disasters

Worst quake in decades hits San Francisco Bay area; law firms, at least one courthouse damaged


Selfie sent to burglary victim’s cloud account put couple at forefront of investigation

Criminal Justice

Teens charged in alleged school shooting plot; probe included Internet surveillance

Trusts & Estates

Federal judge likens Anna Nicole Smith case to ‘Bleak House,’ says 20 years of litigation is enough

Court Security

Bomb squad detonates apparent explosive device near federal courthouse; no one is injured

Energy Law

Solar power towers are igniting birds in midair; wildlife protection groups are concerned

Criminal Justice

On probation after serial stowaway attempts, woman gets 177 days for returning to airport

Legal Ethics

Prosecutor is accused of adding admission of guilt to transcript; he said it was a joke

Education Law

California considers law requiring public colleges to set consent standards for sex

Criminal Justice

Worker who robbed bank of $565K in fake-bomb scenario now faces new charge over disability claim

Business of Law

Alabama law firm opens its first out-of-state office in San Francisco

Criminal Justice

Arrested Monday in LA as airline stowaway, woman is released Wednesday, arrested again Thursday

Criminal Justice

After billionaire ex-client testifies, man who sold $20M in fake French wine gets 10 years