Law Firms

Law firms give and receive thanks by way of donated turkeys

Criminal Justice

Shoplifting suspects opt for $500 course because of company’s misleading statements, suit alleges

Bar Exam

California’s bar pass rate is at a 29-year low; these states also saw a drop


DNA clears man jailed 16 years; meanwhile, ‘Teardrop Rapist’ committed more crimes

Attorney's Fees

Federal judge says IRS must pay $239K to lawyers in FOIA case, but nixes multiplier

Criminal Justice

Chemerinsky joins call for US probe of jailhouse informant program

Privacy Law

Lawsuits say Vizio smart TV tracking violates federal video-rental statute

Trials & Litigation

Unhappy with ‘copious’ footnotes, federal judge orders Hagens Berman to omit them in new brief


Feds secretly bugged courthouse grounds to eavesdrop on private conversations, motion says

Civil Rights

Public defender calls for probe after receiving video of police beating

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge stuns courtroom with probation sentences in $5M mortgage-fraud case

Labor & Employment

Judge tosses suit over Apple’s employee bag searches

Death Penalty

New California plan calls for single-drug executions; drug to be chosen on ‘case-by-case’ basis

Constitutional Law

Hacktivist group’s ‘Million Mask March’ sparks protests at US federal courthouses

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer charged in marijuana operation case says state and federal laws ban prosecution

Criminal Justice

Lawyer gets prison time for secretly using client cases as collateral to obtain litigation funding

Tort Law

Judge orders Bill Cosby and his ex-lawyer to submit to deposition in suit over rape denial

Business of Law

Dinsmore announces 3rd merger this year, opens California office via Leventhal Law acquisition

Health Law

Doctor convicted of murder in patient OD deaths; case may be first successful US prosecution

Constitutional Law

Suit says San Francisco bail system is an equal protection violation