Business of Law

Robins Kaplan to close Atlanta office; firm is ‘working on a transition plan’ for 12 lawyers

Personal Lives

Lawyer spent $26K of his savings to attend every Knicks game this season

ABA Techshow

‘Hire’ LinkedIn for referrals, marketing your firm, lawyers advise

Question of the Week

What’s the biggest time suck in your day?

Lawyer Pay

NALP sees ‘upward movement’ in starting pay for associates; median increases $10K

Work-Life Balance

Demanding work schedules are damaging their health, say 82% of surveyed lawyers

Law Practice Management

Want to be more productive? Delegate routine tasks and stop checking email constantly, expert says

Civil Rights

Once facing a 50-year sentence, a Jena 6 member now looks to his future: law school

Criminal Justice

Son is charged with murder in slaying of criminal defense lawyer

Legal Ethics

Legal technicians may partly own law firms in this state; is ban to nonlawyer ownership crumbling?

Law in Popular Culture

Should female justices be recognized with an ice cream flavor by Ben & Jerry’s?

Asked and Answered

Would your practice be prepared if something happened to you? (podcast with transcript)

Question of the Week

What was the first moment you knew you wanted to be a lawyer?

Law Firms

Lawyer who quit after being berated by partner fails in unemployment benefits bid


ACLU lays off 23 employees nationally and closes Wyoming chapter

Trials & Litigation

US Courts: Federal litigants face record civil-case backlog due to shortage of judges

Law Firms

Men-only golf retreats and unequal work assignments alleged in bias suit against McElroy Deutsch

Business of Law

Steptoe lays off 32, including 14 attorneys, following energy-price drop

Business of Law

Lawyer goes back to BigLaw, via a merger, after forming his own firm

Work/Life Balance

April 1 joke banning late-night and vacation emails backfires on Weil Gotshal