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Opening Statements

NYC lawyer targets strip clubs in FLSA violation claim cases

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Meet the judge who has become a national sensation as ‘Bongo Lady’

Opening Statements

Planned documentary will look at the shortcomings of the public defender system

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Traveling to dangerous areas can leave lawyers vulnerable

Niche Practice

Chicago attorneys get top legal billing for festival gigs

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New ABA program adds a leisure element to networking opportunities for members

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Outsourcing company opens Austin office, part of onshoring trend


Ann Rule, leading true-crime author who befriended then-unknown serial killer Ted Bundy, dies at 83

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California bar exam to be one day shorter, but could be just as difficult

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50 best law firms for women are named


Former lawyer who served time in hit-and-run case now runs resource center for ex-prisoners

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How to conquer anxiety and break the ice during professional events (podcast with transcript)

Labor & Employment

Document review arguably ‘devoid of legal judgment,’ 2nd Circuit says, allowing wage suit to proceed


Brothers had Rhode Island practice for 18 years despite never passing state bar


Prosecutor is fired after his apology for alleged flippant remarks is found to be lacking


Dentons hires former general counsel for General Mills who pushed law firms for diversity