Entertainment & Sports Law

Rolling Stones settle $12.7M insurance claim over shows canceled due to Jagger’s girlfriend’s death


OJ Simpson asks Nevada Supreme Court for new trial

Criminal Justice

Prosecutors will appeal Oscar Pistorius verdict and sentence

Criminal Justice

Judge’s ‘media whores’ remark doesn’t offend Adrian Peterson’s lawyer, but DA wants recusal


Suit claims Glen Campbell cut production company out of Alzheimer’s documentary

Intellectual Property Law

Google threatened with $100M suit over hacked celebrity photos

Injury & Accident Law

Wal-Mart says lack of seat belts puts Tracy Morgan and others at fault in crash

Law Firm Marketing

Law firm uses rapper Master P and his ‘trademark grunt’ to brand its advertising

Trials & Litigation

Federal jury says Patti LaBelle’s entourage not responsible for injury to West Point cadet


Federal judge declares mistrial in Patti LaBelle case because there are no black jurors

Constitutional Law

ACLU to defend man jailed for posting heavy metal band’s violent song lyrics on Facebook

Criminal Justice

Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide

Criminal Justice

Oscar Pistorius acted ‘unlawfully,’ but he isn’t guilty of premeditated murder, judge says

Criminal Justice

Former Ravens player Ray Rice got no special treatment in criminal case, lawyers say

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced


New trouble for Justin Bieber, charged in ATV accident and fight

Criminal Justice

Homeless man who accepted award for Miley Cyrus is wanted by police

Trusts & Estates

Federal judge likens Anna Nicole Smith case to ‘Bleak House,’ says 20 years of litigation is enough

Verdicts & Settlements

Ron Goldman’s mom puts unpaid OJ Simpson judgment up for auction


Justin Bieber settles another case, faces more anger management classes