Civil Procedure

Entertainment & Sports Law

Federal judge in Minnesota kicks ‘Deflategate’ case back to NYC counterpart


Facebook lacks standing to challenge subpoenas of users’ info in disability case, appeals court says

Appellate Practice

7th Circuit criticizes lawyer for raising too many issues on appeal

Law Schools

Suit claiming Widener law school used misleading job stats can’t proceed as class action, judge says

Civil Procedure

Posner dissent criticizes penalties for ‘harmless procedural bobbles’ by lawyers

First Amendment

9th Circuit boots judge, revives news media case over late access to court civil complaint filings

Legal Ethics

Top state court to hear case of lawyers accused of asking paralegal to ‘friend’ litigant on Facebook

Civil Procedure

Top Texas court OKs same-sex divorce, says state AG lacked standing

Civil Procedure

Judge plans to go into ‘uncharted legal territory’ to stop Macy’s from collecting shoplifting fines

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court to consider class certification when each plaintiff is deemed average

Trials & Litigation

Warring parties in Robin Williams estate case make progress, with mediator’s help

Insurance Law

9th Circuit: In ERISA case where appeal period ended on a Saturday, filing deadline becomes Monday

Trials & Litigation

2nd Circuit nixes Apple campaign to boot BigLaw partner as court-appointed monitor in e-book case

Trials & Litigation

Law firm asks 3rd Circuit to block court-ordered interviews of over 30 clients

U.S. Supreme Court

Does full settlement offer moot plaintiff’s claim? Supreme Court to decide in texting case

Business of Law

Permanent ban on law firm’s nursing home ad is overturned

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit: Federal judge abused discretion by refusing to let law firm withdraw in civil case

Trials & Litigation

Bankruptcy judge threatens to send 2 lawyers to the slammer for 30 days for ignoring $49K sanction

Aviation & Space Law

Airline crash occurred in Europe, but attorneys are pondering possible US lawsuit

U.S. Supreme Court

Blown deadline doesn’t necessarily bar tort claims against US; SCOTUS allows equitable tolling