Civil Procedure

Trials & Litigation

Law firm asks 3rd Circuit to block court-ordered interviews of over 30 clients

U.S. Supreme Court

Does full settlement offer moot plaintiff’s claim? Supreme Court to decide in texting case

Business of Law

Permanent ban on law firm’s nursing home ad is overturned

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit: Federal judge abused discretion by refusing to let law firm withdraw in civil case

Trials & Litigation

Bankruptcy judge threatens to send 2 lawyers to the slammer for 30 days for ignoring $49K sanction

Aviation & Space Law

Airline crash occurred in Europe, but attorneys are pondering possible US lawsuit

U.S. Supreme Court

Blown deadline doesn’t necessarily bar tort claims against US; SCOTUS allows equitable tolling

Civil Procedure

3rd Circuit says feds missed forfeiture deadline, awards gold coins worth $80M to dealer’s heirs

Internet Law

Business can’t get access to identities of Yelp reviewers in Virginia suit, state high court says

Media & Communications Law

8th Circuit lets Larry Flynt intervene to seek access to court records in death-penalty cases

Civil Procedure

Lawyer can use client’s Facebook account to serve husband with divorce summons, judge says


Process server buys 2 pairs of sneakers at Tyga signing event, then hands him a summons

Banking Law

Is time on homeowners’ side? Foreclosure case tossed without prejudice may not pause clock

Trials & Litigation

Ellen Pao loses discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins, then judge revives one claim

U.S. Supreme Court

Alabama redistricting challenge stays alive in SCOTUS; Scalia sees majority as ‘standby counsel’

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS ruling raises the stakes for Trademark Trial and Appeal Board hearings

Legal Technology

Winning app at Hackcess to Justice New Orleans helps clients preserve evidence

Civil Procedure

Oops! Mislabeled docket notices don’t excuse blown deadline in $40M appeal, appeals court says

Legal Ethics

Hagens Berman argument ‘gives new meaning to frivolous,’ judge says; sanctions imposed


Chicago lawyer pieces together a missing couple’s story to obtain a court ruling that they died