Civil Procedure

Appellate Practice

Lawyer is sanctioned for ‘deploying boilerplate claims’ and ‘utterly frivolous’ arguments

Consumer Law

$59M settlement in ‘sewer service’ debt-collection suit; 190,000 default judgments may be vacated

Election Law

SCOTUS to consider Virginia redistricting suit; do GOP lawmakers have standing?

Family Law

Judge backpedals on controversial order removing foster child from married same-sex couple

U.S. Supreme Court

Justices appear split on injury needed for suit over incorrect Spokeo profile

Constitutional Law

Fired prosecutor’s suit seeking to remove DA from office must be OK’d by another DA


Judge grants Hulk Hogan’s request to inspect Gawker’s computers

Copyright Law

Standing issue gives Jay Z win in infringement suit over ‘Big Pimpin’’

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court lacks quorum to deal with disbarred lawyer’s cert petition

First Amendment

Judge temporarily preserves federal funds flowing to Planned Parenthood in Utah

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court considers case of litigant who ‘won’t take yes for an answer’

Constitutional Law

ACLU lawsuit says county is jailing people who can’t afford to pay fines

Consumer Law

Dozens of VW lawsuits will almost surely be consolidated, but where?

Animal Law

PETA lawyer discusses monkey’s copyright suit over selfie

Appellate Practice

Lawyer who blamed difficulties of solo practice for mistakes in brief won’t get a third chance

Legislation & Lobbying

ABA letter says tort reform bill could actually increase litigation

Legal Rebels Profile

Michael Hollander’s digital expungement generator cleans records by the thousands

Consumer Law

Deceptive practices suits say McCormick put 25% less pepper in its usual tin containers

Legal Rebels Profile

Kyle Rimel: Using technology to bring court services to remote areas

Disability Law

Trial court should not have dismissed law student’s disability complaint, 9th Circuit says