Civil Rights

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Criminal Justice

Bail schedules are unconstitutional and bad public policy, DOJ says

Education Law

Federal judge blocks US from enforcing directive to schools on transgender students and bathrooms

Criminal Justice

Federal judge refers Sheriff Joe Arpaio for criminal prosecution

Criminal Justice

ABA urges 11th Circuit to strike down bail schedules as unconstitutional

Real Estate & Property Law

HUD’s sale of delinquent mortgages to private investors violates fair housing laws, suit says

The Modern Law Library

Freedom isn’t the end of the story for exonerees (podcast)

ABA Annual Meeting

Can the access-to-justice gap be closed? These recommendations might make it possible

Legal History

What lessons can Americans draw in 2016 from the WWII-era internment of Japanese-Americans?

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Has the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Fourth Amendment?


50-year story of the Miranda warning has the twists of a cop show

Opening Statements

10 Questions: Kristen Clarke is a leader in 21st century fight for civil rights

National Pulse

Websites and apps for sharing crime and safety data have become outlets for racial profiling

Supreme Court Report

Juror strikes in capital murder case were based on race, SCOTUS rules


Mindfulness plays role in educating lawyers to confront racism

Election Law

4th Circuit strikes down North Carolina voter ID law, finds discriminatory intent


Hillary Clinton’s VP pick once litigated fair-housing cases and won a record $100M verdict

Constitutional Law

Virginia governor’s blanket order restoring voting rights for felons is struck down


Georgetown law prof is hired as ACLU’s national legal director

Criminal Justice

Rape victim who had breakdown on witness stand was jailed to ensure future testimony, lawsuit says

Election Law

5th Circuit blocks Texas voter ID law as violation of the Voting Rights Act
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