Civil Rights


Top Massachusetts court refuses to dismiss 40,323 cases linked to rogue state evidence lab chemist

Family Law

Mom jailed in battle with dad over circumcision of 4-year-old son; judge is asked to halt surgery

Constitutional Law

Judge dismisses entire 112-member jury pool over lack of racial diversity

Labor & Employment

As same-sex marriage gains ground, some employers cut benefits for same-sex couples who don’t wed

Disability Law

7th Circuit OKs deaf teen’s suit against Girl Scouts over lack of sign-language interpreter

Trials & Litigation

Judge dismisses Nebraska woman’s lawsuit against ‘all homosexuals’ on behalf of God, Jesus Christ

Civil Rights

AG Loretta Lynch announces ‘pattern and practice’ probe of Baltimore police practices

Criminal Justice

DA expands probe sparked by ‘hateful’ police texts, says at least 3,000 cases may be affected

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit rules NSA phone surveillance program is not authorized by Patriot Act

Attorney General

Baltimore mayor seeks Justice Department probe of police practices in her city

Constitutional Law

US Supreme Court declines appeal from inmate denied gender-change surgery

Constitutional Law

John Paul Stevens says some held at Gitmo should get reparations from US government

Constitutional Law

Flag desecration case nixed against man who wrote AIM on US stars and stripes

Lawyer Pay

Winston chairman will earn $1,300 an hour to represent Ferguson in Justice Department probe

Law Scribbler

True innovation in the legal industry requires outside views and thinking, summit speakers say

Constitutional Law

Ex-aide takes plea, 2 more allies of NJ gov face charges in ‘Bridgegate’ traffic-jam case

Environmental Law

Does a country have a legal duty to reduce its carbon footprint? Dutch court to decide landmark case

Bar Associations

In Law Day activities, citizens serve and learn while leaders remember Magna Carta

Legal Technology

ACLU app allows Californians to record and preserve videos of police civil-rights violations

Your ABA

Cincinnati lawyer works to ensure equal rights, treatment for American Muslims