Civil Rights

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Facing history, SCOTUS is likely to approve same sex marriages

Law Firms

Legal invoices in inmate suits are exempt from open records law, California court says

Constitutional Law

Contempt hearing bombshell: Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits he had federal judge’s wife investigated

Civil Rights

DOJ to review city’s ticketing of black bicyclists

Criminal Justice

Justice Department opens inquiry into police treatment of Freddie Gray, who died after spinal injury

U.S. Supreme Court

Gay couple got Colorado marriage license in 1975 but lost deportation case; Kennedy wrote opinion

Constitutional Law

Man sues NYPD, says he was denied seizure medicine even though he was wearing a hospital bracelet

Family Law

Mom files federal civil rights suit in parental fight over circumcision of boy, 4

Civil Rights

Once facing a 50-year sentence, a Jena 6 member now looks to his future: law school

Constitutional Law

State troopers get booted, arrest the parking attendant and remove boot themselves, suit says

Civil Rights

Cop in motorist shooting video gets new lawyer after previous counsel quits

Trials & Litigation

Prosecutors hid proof of innocence in NYC shooting case, says man exonerated after 24 years


ACLU lays off 23 employees nationally and closes Wyoming chapter

Real Estate & Property Law

LA is rewriting law banning living in cars, after 9th Circuit rejected original ordinance

Law Schools

Speaker at Indiana law school’s annual lecture cancels over state’s new religious law

Constitutional Law

Federal judge says California has to pay for inmate’s sex-change surgery

Civil Rights

Indiana legislature tweaks religious freedom law with added LGBT protections


Man jailed in double-homicide case sues Chicago, says surveillance showed a different shooter

Constitutional Law

Federal judge blasts expert for not evaluating inmate jail brutality claims, but OKs case for trial

Legislation & Lobbying

Arkansas governor says he won’t sign religious freedom bill without changes