Civil Rights

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Legal Technology

Trump immigration policies draw rapid legal-tech response

Immigration Law

Why might 9th Circuit judge have requested en banc rehearing vote on immigration order?

Attorney General

DOJ tells judge it doesn’t object to injunction blocking Obama policy on transgender restrooms

Immigration Law

9th Circuit lets stand restraining order against Trump travel ban: Will case be heard en banc?


TSA’s behavior detection program lacks scientific basis, ACLU says

Public Defenders

Class action lawsuit alleges Louisiana public defender funding system denies right to counsel

ABA Midyear Meeting

ABA House urges President Trump to withdraw travel ban

ABA Midyear Meeting

ABA task force recommends how police and bar groups can help build trust in justice system

ABA Midyear Meeting

Judicial independence ‘not up for negotiation,’ ABA president says in speech addressing Trump tweets

ABA Midyear Meeting

Miranda warning translations should be developed for non-English speakers, the ABA House resolves

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: When can government officers be held liable?


States raising age for adult prosecution back to 18


Kids in Chains: Juvenile advocates urge that shackling be limited

Opening Statements

Lawyer’s dogged search yields historic mug shots from John Lewis’ police file

Supreme Court Report

Court will decide whether Constitution grants protections to Mexican boy killed by U.S. patrol guard

Your ABA

ABA bioethics committee raises concerns about effectiveness of medical informed consent


Feb. 23, 1923: Justices hear a challenge to ‘English-only’ laws

Immigration Law

At least five judges block Trump’s immigration order; more than 4,000 lawyers volunteer

Immigration Law

ABA urges Supreme Court to hear case about due process in ‘expedited’ deportation

Criminal Justice

Suit claims police used excessive force against lawyers and journalists at inauguration
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