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Consumer Law

Opening Statements

Digital rights group asks US Copyright Office for car-owner exemptions

Supreme Court Report

Although the ACA is 1,000 pages long, its future may depend on a single phrase

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS smiles on nondentist teeth whiteners, allows antitrust action against dentistry board

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: SCOTUS gets another look at the Affordable Care Act

Consumer Law

Suit by grieving pet owner claims Beneful can harm or kill dogs

Products Liability

Woman sues over barbecue brush, seeks unspecified damages for surgery costs

Trials & Litigation

Midwest law firm wins record $62M settlement from Lockheed in suit over 401(k) fees

Consumer Law

Bankruptcy court battle looms over economic-loss claims against GM concerning ignition-switch issues

Advertising Law

Judge: It is consumer fraud for therapists to call homosexuality a curable mental disorder

Disability Law

Woman sues P.F. Chang’s, says restaurant’s higher prices for gluten-free food violate ADA

ABA Midyear

Fight fraudulent foreclosure rescue practices, House of Delegates urge governments

Government Law

DA uses own parking ticket to probe city practices, calls end run around courts unconstitutional


Be careful what you say when your smart TV is on, Samsung warns customers

Consumer Law

Only 21% of herbal supplements tested had accurate ingredient labels, New York AG says

Opening Statements

Distillers are facing lawsuits over ‘small batch’ and ‘handmade’ labeling claims

Consumer Law

Federal appeals court agrees with FTC that Pom Wonderful ad claims were deceptive

Consumer Law

Promoter who touted weight loss benefits of green coffee beans settles with FTC

Trials & Litigation

Feinberg OKs payment for 50 deaths from $400M GM ignition fund; compensation starts at $1M

Privacy Law

Should Google stop pointing out police cars to users of popular Waze traffic app?

Labor & Employment

McDonald’s sued by former employees over ‘racist’ franchise in Virginia