Consumer Law

Privacy Law

Proposed legislation would allow companies to keep some data breaches secret

Supreme Court Report

Dental board ruling may drill into state bar associations’ immunity

Entertainment & Sports Law

Fans banned from stadium when Baltimore Orioles play tonight, which may be a MLB first


Dealership technician topped 95 mph taking customer’s car for test drive; did he commit a crime?

U.S. Supreme Court

Consumer class actions tied to credit law will be affected by SCOTUS Article III case granted today

Consumer Law

Smartwatch makers should fund $1B education campaign about driving dangers, lawyer’s suit says

Family Law

Sperm donor didn’t have touted degrees and ‘impressive health history,’ suit says

Consumer Law

Bank didn’t tell widow she had mortgage insurance, even as home foreclosed

Consumer Law

GM bankruptcy filing in 2009 blocks economic loss claims in ignition-switch cases, judge rules

Intellectual Property Law

Amazon sues over claimed fake reviews posted on its site

Corporate Law

AT&T to pay record $25M to settle with FCC over privacy breach at call centers

Privacy Law

Does Facebook’s facial recognition technology violate privacy laws?

Obiter Dicta

Wine collector broke laws, paid price; will bottles be ‘decanted’ down the drain?

Constitutional Law

LA lawyer makes federal case out of ‘stealth towing’ charge imposed on his own vehicle

Trials & Litigation

Negative reviews of dog obedience school on Yelp, Angie’s List lead to defamation lawsuit

Products Liability

After boy’s death from allergic reaction to cookie, family sues; says store violated labeling laws

Consumer Law

Suit says debt-collection law firm submitted false affidavits, seeks to void thousands of judgments

Social Media Law

Revised Facebook rules allow ‘artistic’ nudity and ‘authentic identity’; nix revenge porn

Consumer Law

Privacy advocates criticize new ‘Hello Barbie’ doll with wi-fi microphone

Consumer Law

Will consumer agency ban mandatory arbitration in consumer contracts? Study could be first step