Corporate Compliance

Verdicts & Settlements

Another bank settles with DOJ over sales of risky mortgages; did it get a better deal than others?

Legal Ethics

GM lawyers won’t face Michigan ethics probe

The New Normal

Law firm failure—the good kind

Trials & Litigation

Former general counsel will receive $850K for alleged defamation by his onetime employer


Will those who led the financial system into crisis ever face charges?

Criminal Justice

Indicted BigLaw lawyer will vacation in Cancun; his firms launch internal probes

Law Firms

Attorney-client privilege doesn’t protect businessman’s communications with Mintz Levin, court rules

National Pulse

Chinese companies doing business in the US build barriers to legal remedies

Corporate Law

Fired general counsel can target individual directors in whistleblower suit, federal judge rules

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court to consider whether RICO reaches acts committed overseas

Corporate Law

GM will pay $900M to end US criminal probe over ignition-switch issues

White-Collar Crime

Justice Department releases guidelines to foster pursuit of individuals in corporate wrongdoing

Labor & Employment

NLRB ruling affecting franchise and contract workers follows other pro-worker actions

Corporate Law

Why not eliminate quarterly earnings reports, Wachtell co-founder suggests

Labor & Employment

As workers’ social media comments clash with employer expectations, the NLRB takes center stage

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Laws need to catch up to high-speed trading

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Corporations have a role in (and gain benefits from) promoting the rule of law


Cover-up claim about GM ignition-switch issues is ‘reckless and outrageous,’ law firm says

International Law

Florida lawyers prepare to provide legal advice on doing business in Cuba

Environmental Law

Dairies settle landmark cow-manure case after federal judge rules solid-waste law applies