Criminal Justice

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City attorney accused in anti-Trump graffiti incident remains on the job, for now

Criminal Justice

Sons of Ethel Rosenberg make last-ditch plea for presidential exoneration

Public Defenders

Public defender is found in contempt for refusing cases; DA asks state supreme court to intervene


Jailhouse Warehouse: The nation’s jails are housing more mentally ill people than hospitals

National Pulse

Should the public have access to data police acquire through private companies?

Law Apps

New #JustAdulting app gives teenagers quick legal information

Your ABA

ABA leaders praise Department of Justice for introducing implicit bias training

Criminal Justice

A former lawyer for Casey Anthony is held without bail in alleged drug smuggling scheme


Manhattan US attorney will stay in his position after Trump becomes president

Criminal Justice

Charlotte officer won’t be charged in shooting death of Keith Scott; video included wife’s pleas

Criminal Justice

Alleged go-between is indicted in Markel case; misdirected ‘jerk’ email emerges in discovery tussle

U.S. Supreme Court

Lock up or toss out the flag-burners? Trump tweet highlights a difference with Scalia

U.S. Supreme Court

Double jeopardy doesn’t bar retrial in case of inconsistent verdicts, Supreme Court rules

Legal History

Arrest records of civil rights leader are unearthed; persistent lawyer sought them for 15 years

Personal Lives

Two federal defenders in Omaha discover they are half sisters

Criminal Justice

Federal judge allows accused church shooter Dylann Roof to represent himself

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Are former offenders more likely to be fired for misconduct?

Criminal Justice

In ‘blistering’ ruling, court upholds recusal of entire Orange County DA’s office from murder case

Criminal Justice

Obama commutations pass 1,000 mark

Executive Branch

Trump won’t investigate Hillary Clinton, his campaign manager says
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