Criminal Procedure

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Criminal Justice

ACLU says it is representing bombing suspect Rahami after he was denied right to lawyer

Legal Technology

Startup seeks to bring bail bond process online

Verdicts & Settlements

Sandra Bland’s family settles case for $1.9M; agreement includes policy changes for Texas jail

Criminal Justice

Appellate lawyer remembers a 1992 client and wins new trial for woman convicted in lawyer’s murder

Criminal Justice

Federal judge has no power to expunge valid conviction, 2nd Circuit rules

Criminal Justice

‘I wasn’t a pedophile,’ Sandusky testifies in retrial bid

ABA Annual Meeting

Abolish private, for-profit probation that puts offenders deep in debt, ABA House urges

ABA Annual Meeting

Justice reform advocates offer a roadmap for reforming pretrial release

Criminal Justice

Prosecutors drop murder charges against man awaiting retrial in Chandra Levy’s slaying

Trials & Litigation

Actual innocence is needed for claim of sentencing malpractice, Washington Supreme Court says

Niche Practice

‘Preventative law’ practice aims to stem the tide of heroin addiction

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to consider case of death-row inmate whose case was ‘marred by racial overtones’

National Pulse

Are private education programs for shoplifters a second chance or extortion?

Your ABA

Veterans Village of San Diego provides holistic services, including homeless court and legal aid


FBI introduces Iris, a Labrador retriever trained to sniff out digital devices

Asked and Answered

How well do people actually know their Miranda rights? (podcast with transcript)


New Senate bill would block SCOTUS-approved rule change expanding DOJ’s surveillance powers


Secret Snitches: California case uncovers long-standing practice of planting jailhouse informants

President's Message

On 50th anniversary of landmark Miranda decision, is it more than mere words?


Ethics opinion revisits rule on providing client representation information
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